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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Robert Hale

This should read, “someone” can tell how much they are loved by the amount of time the other makes for them!
Too many women do not invest their time back to the man that is investing everything he has for them! It doesn’t only work one way and too many women do not understand that, one way relationships are extremely toxic!!
You get in what you put into a relationship, if not walk away!

Tonnie Rooker

Staar je hier niet blind op Lisa heb 26 jaar geïnvesteerd en nog was het niet genoeg en kijk wat er van komt het moet van twee kanten komen altijd. En dat heeft niets met geld te maken maar met veel investeren in liefde.

Stephen Bluff

Time is only priceless if it is shared and genuine
Some people need to work to survive this does not make them love less it may mean they love so much more but they work more to provide

Tony King Vandal

But how many woman is investing the same amount of time?

RJ Brown

Unless she’s cheating on you and not showing interest. And saying that you are smothering her or being clingy bc you just want to spend time with her and the kids.

Maria Teresa Lontoc

A mancanalso tell if the woman would would give her time to be with him than to be with her friends

Lorraine Francis

If u r his priority then he will make time for u.. No excuses and no lies……. True .. Time spent with ur loved one creates long lasting memories to be cherished forever……… Money cannot buy someone’s true love & time and interest for u…

Vikas Kumar Kamboj

A man gives own everything them. Because he true loves them. Money or time not important then his queen. But women dont understand them. Actually they r selfish. They look their benifits in the man.

Andrea Parker

As of recently becoming pregnant and sick, he no longer wants to be around me. His time is spent on other priorities. I am on my own to care for myself and my kids. I am grateful I have them. Blood is thicker then water and my boys don’t walk away from me just cause I have nothing to give.

Ron Short

Goes both ways! This page is always posting stuff about how women do this if a man does that or how it’s ok for a woman to be a certain way because of a man. Shit goes both ways man, just get it right please…

Ken Edgar

Wait!!!! do u know how much TIME it took to get the $$$ to take u out. Of course that would be the $ left over after the Gov’t got the SS, FICA , state tax. payments n insurance and gas, on the car we drove in. And how ’bout the cost of flowers, dinner ,n tip… n now u want a show. U want to fly where for a concert…#[email protected]$%&

Erica Cannon

my ex didn’t understand that it wasn’t the amount of time spent that was important, it was the quality.. sure we can spend the entire day together, but if you’re on the phone with all your buddies, other women and/or work the whole time, you really didn’t spend time together.

Maria Nicole Kershaw

My ex would cancel time planned with me to spend it with his parents, or his mum would ask to see him and he’d cancel time planned with me, we saw each other roughly once a fortnight, his family all the time. Got out of that ‘relationship’ fast once I realised my own value

Schizophrenic Maneak

Obviously men have to prove our love to them, & show them we are worthy of their time, love, & affection like they are some Goddess. You can do that for months or even years, & if she decide she don’t want you anymore for whatever reason, it would be just a waste of time. Its bullshit to me

Olivia Arts

In the real world time is a hard thing to find because of how much we need to work to survive.
I think it’s more just cherishing the fact that at the end of the day your both home, both in the same bed.
A relationship is accepting the fact that at the moment it may be time tough, but the future will reward us, and we will appreciate the fact that the other stuck it out for the long run ??

Cruz Sandoval

That’s a lie I gave my time to prove 4 yrs plus 2 beautiful daughters for what? To break up and me go thru a deep depression even changed my ways but I guess to some females it’s just a game but my karma I guess I did females dirty back then guess it’s even now

Paige Tripp

We are in a LD relationship, and sometimes money is tough. He feels bad bc I make less than him and he wants to do more. I tell him if we eat Ramen noodles all weekend and choose movies from his 1000+ collection, I’m am perfectly happy and content with that.

Kim Graham

It’s really about the amount of time over time since it’s hard to tell in the beginning as you expect men to spend more time with a woman as he gets to know her and earn her trust. But what amount of time is invested over a prolonged period of time is the real sign. Once he feels he knows you and has your trust in him is he still investing time. That is an indicator. If it wanes early on that is not a good sign at all, and that is in spite of distance or career demands, etc.… Read more »

Karma Kelly Her

I spent all my time with this man and he’d always see me last …. it took him a big eye opener to c that I loved him and that I was for real… it ain’t never too late for him to reinvest his time to me this time… good put ppl in our life… it’s up to us to let them stay or let them go….

Dante Duckworth

Can she/they? Because if I took back the years wasted trying to appease these unhappy, confused, and non-integrity having females I could have had a second chance at life. Women and relationships send men straight to the grave these days.

Denise Benner Blair

Its really not true. I had one who put so much time into a relationship , but didnt like me beyond friends.