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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Theodora Firewalker

There is an old Chinese proverb which says, “Never explain. Your friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe you in any case.”

Christyna Blossom

#7 Means everything!!! I HATE the repetitive question of “when are you going back to school, you should take _______” LEAVE ME THE EFFFFFFFFFFF ALONE!!!

Dawn Strong

1.) uhhhh if you take someone else spouse, you owe someone an explanation, and probably an apology.

Emerson Ferguson Jr

#1 is wrong. You do owe an explanation to the person you are with.

Rona Unilongo-Gangat

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Courtney Ann Johnson

Not even your parents? ‘Cause they like to judge me and tell me I am making a mistake, no matter what I do

Aleisha Griffin

No. You need to be able to explain your political views because it effects all of us.

Justin Sanders

And oddly enough, these are the first questions people typically ask.

Thomas Belk

Is there anything about this people do not understand about me?

Estelle JJ

Haha explain that to the ‘family courts’ about not having to explain these things ??

Sandra Porth

I recently told a polster that who I vote for is none of their business after they fished around for an answer.

Cherry Boateng

let them all talk…it does not matter what others think about you…many people talk about others,just for listening their own voice

Kiam Daily

This is for me and God to help people find a direction for life. Look at our nation now… :.. I’m not happy. I’m disappointed and let down. Keep going.

Neetu Mani

if still you have to explain…then you need explanation frm yourself….”are you with the right person…..if no then your feelings are precious to waste on a unworthy person”

Jorge Oviedo

You can explain but does not mean they will understand. A humble person follows their moral compass and not stupid rules laid out this way. Some deserve to know some don’t.

Stacy Rarden

I feel more free today knowing that I don’t owe anyone a explanation on things and on these things for sure. Something that has taken me along time to learn that I don’t have to explain my every move to someone saves me alot of heartache and time 🙂

Austin Howard

1. Unless it’s the person you’re in a relationship with.
2.Unless you’re squatting in someone’s backyard shed.
3.Unless you’re wearing their clothes without permission.
4.Unless you’re Drumpf congratulating Scotland on Brexit.
5.Unless you claim your god is the one true god and the nonbelievers should be killed.
6.Unless you were supposed to pick your kid up an hour ago and no-one has heard from you.
7.Unless you’re applying for a job that requires a degree.

Itgelt Enkhtaivan

Only dumb people who can’t defend their side of view say this kind of shit. Everything needs an explanation. Like why are you dating a serial kill? Why are choosing to molest kids? Why are you living in the street? Why are you so fat? Can’t you diet? Why are you voting for Hitler? Why do you believe in the invisible man in the sky that allows violence? Why don’t you know the answer to 1+1? Their you go except for alone time i just mine to master____ fill in the blank if you can’t you don’t deserve to breath

Kitti Köles

I agree and disagree with this at the same time. I hate that nowadays I read everywhere that ‘oh, this isn’t your fault, your choices doesn’t define you’. But yes, our decisions show what we really are, our appearances must reflect our true personality, and you need to explain for yourself, why do you believe, why do you support that politician, why would you give your life for one, and let die the another. So yes, we have to know our motives, and let others know to understand us better. Ask about these things when you want to know somebody.… Read more »

Stephanie Sanchez Diana

You don’t have to explain but that doesn’t mean you’re right. so if you want to be respected, earned it by living your life right. Not perfectly but rightfully.

Vanessa Thompson

Anyone? How about God? I think you are accountable to him for all of that.. Unless you don’t believe in God and all that matters is you. LOL. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.. Maybe thinking you owe no one an explanation says more about you than you know.. And that isn’t all a good thing. if you are ok with your choices you should have no problem with explaining them. And if you are no ok with them you should have no problem admitting them and… Read more »

Kyle Grooters

No people owe explanations for their political views because they affect everyone else. If someone can’t justify taking another’sincome via tax than they shouldn’t have an opinion.

Lili Gibson

Do whatever I feel is right, I can care less about what other people think and I do not need to explain anything to anyone unless I feel like it since there are so many people I do not trust.

Karly Dawidowski

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Fabiane Leite

I dont belive! What it proposes is to stay silent!