Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Michelle Diehl

Well when you’ve tried to talk about whatever the issue happens to be but you are ignored why keep trying to talk to deaf ears & we usually feel like it’s on a deaf heart at that point.

تاشفین احمد

Yeah we aren’t magicians who know that they didn’t like the shade of magenta we bought em and now we are being ignored. Communication is the key, it doesn’t have to be verbal sometimes, but there has to be communication because when you ignore, all some people get out of it is, “i can be ignored”

Jamie Harley

Reading some off these it’s all shite you don’t talk it doesn’t get fixed some use it as a tool to hurt to get there own way and some times they get there times wrong and it backfiers and can’t fix it and it spirals out off control then they just use it to hurt and it goes on and on and somthing that must have been good at one point turns into hatred for the sake off a few words ithere way simples

Vanessa Nandez

When you get sick and tired of repeating over and over again the same shit… But once a woman gets to this point it is hard to go back because that simply means that she’s gone wayyy over her limits…….

Cassie Boots

Silence is a former of emotional abuse you need to share your thoughts. And not hold back cause there is always someone who will listen and you won’t like the results if your partner moves on

Romany Eagland-White

instead he doesnt get in contact and then just goes “oh hiya” when we see each other. :'( he doesnt even realise how much he hurt me. Because we were never offically a couple but that doesnt mean we werent something.

Manish Kumar

Maybe you lost someone you never expected you would lose. Maybe you lost yourself. That’s even worse. When you have bad days that just won’t let u, I just hope that you’ll look in the mirror and remind yourself of what you’re and what you’re not. You’re not your mistakes. You’re not damaged goods or money from failed explorations. You’re not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You’re a product of the lesson that you’ve learnt. You’re wiser because you went through through something terrible and you’re the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking.… Read more »

Lisa Capitola Lucking

Because there is no longer a reason to say anything, they don’t care enough, and we realize this. No words can explain how painful it is for us..

Jennifer F Wells

I can’t ignore anything I’m always the one who expresses thier feelings maybe a lil too much lol idgaf if I’m hurt or mad your gonna get an ear full

Manica Middle East

I do quietly give chances. 3 times. Once done is done, never look back again.

We are adults. Dont need to tell repeatedly. I am not his mom either.

Johny Pulse

Which is why some of them have to learn that if they don’t care about what you say most likely it won’t work out so get rid of that person . You can love someone but if that person doesn’t care love is not what you’ll receive .

Nera M Clemons

If he won’t listen, write it down and leave it where he’ll find it. Worst thing you can do is ignore your partner and just overlook things. Will turn into something worse later on. Discuss it when you’re both calm and open enough to and let it go. Communication, trust and honesty, without those, you pretty much have nothing.

Auohap Reh

Exactly my point. Especially when you can’t even communicate with them cause they throw a tantrum. When I’m in silence that means I’m done with all the BS.

Anthony Adams

How do we know if we’re actually being ignored. Who’s to say the attention is not looked for or needed to begin with. And when has ignoring an issue ever fix the problem at hand? Try working it out….instead of acting like a child!!!!

Sandy Boehler Hoffmann

Why waste words on someone who doesn’t care/hear what you are saying anyway? Too many people are too self absorbed to really listen anyway so silence, in those cases, is golden.

Laura Mathews Henry

When I’m silent and no longer pursuing a friendship w/ someone, etc, it’s not b/c I’m hurt, it’s b/c I’m completely done. If/when there’s hurt, I may choose to try to talk it out, etc, but when I’m done/silent my feelings are dead & I’ve moved on. Takes me a long time to get there, but it’s freeing! Some people are not meant to be in our lives long term and God has a way of showing us that!

Ashton Roubach

Communication is vital, like a heart pumping blood to the rest of the body. Yet taking note of signs, body language, moods etc… showing you that something is wrong. Drop your pride, face the music, and solve it like civilized people. Support, be the pillar of the relationship guys. Females are the most emotional beings on earth.

Nancy GS

I used to do this, I kept it all in and ignored him. Until he sat me down and reminded me that he was not a mind reader, and if I didn’t start communicating we would be done. Needless to say, now he can’t get me to shut up lol

Rosa Bunn

Sometimes you can’t speak. Because the more you speak the more you get upset because your words can’t be heard, they will never be heard or understood. You know sometimes the best thing is to walk away. Just walk away.

Amy Janell

If you’ve tried your best, tried to communicate over & over, yet nothing changes, then silence is required! We’re adults here! There’s no need to be a broken record! Someone who truly cares about you will heed your concerns & make changes. Once a woman stops communicating, she starts caring less & less. Relationships require two people who are willing to bend & flex to each other’s needs. When a relationship is one sided, there’s nothing to do but move on!

Ramona Medrano

We have both feelings to each other but why he doesn’t talk to..he always do charming..act…. almost six month I’m tired waiting enough is enough….so I decided to ignore him

Ron Short

Sometimes the person being ignored hasn’t done a thing to deserve it! Pshaw why is it always assumed that it’s ok for a woman to do this, but if a man does all of a sudden he’s uncaring or self concerned? Does there always have to be an excuse to ignore or walk away from a man? Wtf is wrong with people!?

Jerry Lopez

Relationship to me is like a business and a lucky game…you must take a risk to submit everything to it,is either you lose or gain…you lose when he or she hurt you so bad and you gain when after all endurance he or she loves you like a dog loves a bone….

De Guzman Charlie Cruz

Choose to ignore me, but voicing out her feelings to someone else. Then later on she’ll find comfort with them, and BOOM! our problem is still there. Not all people are the same, somethings we need our love once to say what we have become. Ignoring(pride) is like leaving the dirt on the floor, and when the room is filled with it we leave, because we are already tired to clean it, then we will find and new room, but it wont assure you that it will not be dirty again. So work it out.

Aishaa Centi

6 months ago id replied on this post with comments like others But I’m so glad i didnt get those calls, those texts or time for me. I’m to good for my ex! He was a very mean negative man on the inside. You’d not known by talking to him tho. I dont have stress, no aniexty crying etc…i wake up everyday with a smile. no calls no texts no time for you is a hint…that person isnt for you! Move on.. life can be great without your partner or they’d made time for you.