Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Lidicce Rodriguez

This is … Not true- at all and mostly RIDICULOUS … Why do we continue to perpetuate the idea that relationships HAVE to be perfect in order to work? …. I’m sorry but, everyone goes through their up’s and downs, that is the nature of committing your LIFE to someone. You grow WITH them. What a strong woman WILL do is learn how to recognize what is and ISN’T worth working through. She won’t walk away for simply “Feeling” unwanted because being desired has nothing to do with being VALUED ..

Cami Toledo

For me being a strong woman is keep trying until you realize that it isn’t worth it anymore. It’s nice to feel loved and protected but It’s also good to be brave enough to know when to stop and fight for our dignity. We don’t need to beg. If someone wants to stay with you, he does.

Yzel Amazona Llanes

Seriously as for me,a strong woman didn’t just walk away she will try her very best to fix the problem first as hard as she can….she’s a fighter in all means and not like coward one who just say I can’t so that I leave.

Devo Ot

Not sure if that has anything to do with being a strong woman

Strong women have the ability to walk away or fix stuff if she believes it needs to be fixed we need all kinds of women for all kinds of situations….the future is ours ladies

Anthony Adams

I could post my numbers and I bet a “Strong” and a “Good” woman would call or text just for me to listen!!! A “Queen” as well….but thots tend to fear andor hate on the LOVE!!! ;0)

Ellen Pandu

Big yes ..dnt let him ..he will finish ur quality. .walk way ma ladies dnt force ur self into someone hu dnt care about u…u will find someone more special. ..but only by prayers. .

Neita Drake

I disagree if I believe he is worth fighting for I will fight until I know it’s done I won’t just walk away nothing is easy if it it probably isn’t real…. Just my opinion

Tasha Leigh Wigley

No, not true. There’s no “automatically” about it – that’s running away, and that’s weak. A strong woman will bring the issue up, discuss her needs, make suggestions on how to fix the issue together, and ONLY if she receives zero effort in return from her partner will she walk away.

Amanda Cathabell Sigxoza

Foolish words indeed
Stop promoting “feelings” they r fickle
Stop promoting “flight syndrome ” it prevents women from learning to work out issues in their relationships
Stop making women think that they dont need to put in any effort to make their relationships work either..this is foolish adviceπŸ˜’

Bibi Sharifan Aziz

This is not true those a strong woman have feelings are she so have a heart y she have to be the walk away when she do no harm those the other ppl don’t want what he or she was doing this is indeed ridiculous where were all those desired gone is just so

Mike Sperry

You said Strong, not Smart..Smart woman would take the time to rationalize her true love for this man..Stong woman stay single along time and use a ton of batteries! πŸ˜‰ Thats My 2 Bucks.

Briana Newell

Yup! That’s me…I don’t beg people to be in my life. If I made the effort (multiple times) to be in yours & you shut me out, cool. I’m moving on without ya! You’re either in, or you’re out. Simple as that πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #messagereceived

Troy Dunker

Strenght can easily be disguised as weakness. If your strong, you never walk away. That takes real strength. Scared people walk away, the ones who cant do it. Thats not strength. Yall be twisted n the head if u think thats strength. That and making it ok for women to run.

Marianne Sison

Well, you still try to fix it for once because strong woman doesn’t give up so quickly. But if still the same, then walk away. There are billions of people around the world so why stick to one person that doesn’t want you where in there are thousand of people that eagerly wants you.

Luna Maricela Castillo

Count on it! Strong women don’t NEED anyone, they WANT someone. There’s a difference.

Christina Constancio

How does not working on your relationship make you strong? To me thats just weak. A strong woman would fight till either she see theres nothing to fight for then walk away knowing she gave it her all and never look back or her hard work pays off and she keeps her family together.

Marcus D Whitmore

I am a 34yo single black male with no kids and a good job. I cant find a female smart enough to know that I’m a good man. They are all chasing bad boys that they have a crush on that they want to change into a good guy. it’ll never happen. They are just wasting their time, when i’m a good man already.

Gyl Laserna

Or a strong woman will not give up loving her man because there’s no such thing as perfect relationship. Loving someone not just happens when you are happy, if so, then you are just loving the idea of being in love! Dont ever expect that your partner will treat you the same way as you do to him/her.. Of course we all know the limits, loving is totally different from being stupid.

Maggie Atkinson

You only get treated how you allow others to treat you – if you have no standards no boundaries then you will become a doormat – a relationship is a partnership not one person “carrying” the other person emotionally. You have to decide to stay and carry on in a pointless sitaution or realise you are worth more and deserve to be treated better and move on. That applies to women and men. We all deserve a person who knows how to treat others properly but so many stay in toxic or unhealthy relationships because they are scared of being… Read more »

Ann Hernandez

Well I’m done . I’m not taking the back seat for anyone.. I am smart and strong, i know can read all the signs now. If he’s not putting his part then it’s time to leave because no matter what one wants or does for the man. If he don’t make the effort then your the only one in a relationship.

Erika Roge

Yes – up and down can make a relationship strong – but always with trust, attention and Tolerance from both members – not “teaching” the wife without the same rights. A woman is never born to be a slave of a man.

Alexander Betke

Funny cause if society expected men to do the same nobody would ever get into a relationship at all. A perfect relationship doesn’t exist, so people work together to overcome problems. You wanna leave? There’s the door. Get the fuck out with that attitude.

Camille Clarke

I’m strong but in my past I didn’t walk away immediately. I had faith that things would work then I realized that I was the one doing more. I’m strong because of my failed relationships. I know what I want. I know what i am worth. I am in the relationship I prayed for and I am very happy!

Tina Chatterjee

Strong woman doesn’t walk away. She just stop showing her love but this doesn’t mean that shez going to hold another man. She’l wait <3

Nnenna Jhenni Nnaemeka

A strong adds value to a man’s life n if d man is dumb enough to take advantage she smart enough to draw d line n leave,,it doesn’t mean she gave up,it simply means she know wen to walk away cuz no mata how long u stay hoping, trying,begging,crying n hollowing in self pity a man huz not ready to appreciate u wont,,,so y stress it?