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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Maida Malabanan

True ‘coz they take us for granted. They think we will always by their side no matter what happen but deep inside we are tired of hoping to love us back and to get from them the love we deserve. :'(

Jfith Midd

Yea, but it still hurts when they’re gone tho and you’re left alone ……………?sigh…………

Patrizia Capoduro

SOMETIMES????? Try almost always if you happen to be a good-hearted person who only wants the other’s happiness. The more you give, the more they want. No more. I’m happily single and my heart stays with the only person who deserves it: myself

Angie Noe

So TRUE!!! But I can’t get him outta my head or my heart ????

Kim Swain Farnsworth

So true… but he admits it & is very thankful I have a forgiving heart!!!!

Lorraine Francis

True……. Before being lovers, be best friends to develop true love’s relationship….

Linda Marie

I am just realizing the truth in this tonight! Really uncanny timing! ?

Benjamin Daniels

Maida Malabanan I like all you said . Absolutely yes. Thank you for your contributions and may God bless you as you remain under His care. Are you a Christian by any chance? You are very intelligent and I like smart people like you. Catch you later.

Tracy Horning

Your right. He doesn’t deserve me…hate that I see his potential and our potential but he does NOT

Kathy O'Kelley

A great site so everyone I hope you enjoy. just come in here and read some of the comments …. So True

Maria Viviana Martinez

That’s what everyone around me has been trying me to understand. I’m finally doing SO. Healing … Inside out <3

Tracey Rentner

I’ve been there, it’s a SAD day when both your head and heart realize this

Anthony Daniel

I swear to God these images are coming to me for a reason!!! 😮

Prince Khurana

Root cause of all relationships problem is COMPATIBILITY, if we take enough time to understand person and start relationship wid that person who fits or suits us, so there are very higher chances to relationship last longer like best friend.
Understand a person well if they suits u a “key in a lock” then come into a relationship.

Lupe Moya

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of that person because you love them with all your heart n being n soul. That even the thought of not being with them breaks u. And u feel like you’ll never be whole again. Because you’re scared because you’ve given it your all n given them everything u could. You’ve done everything you could to make them happy. But it still wasn’t enough. And you decide to stay with them because just maybe maybe one day they’ll wake up n realize that you mean the world to them as much as they mean… Read more »

Esmeralda Daniella

Well if someone doesn’t deserve with our love..We must try harder to give our love back to ourselves then…Anyway love always is the most beautiful thing…I am afraid that if i find out the one who i love and care doesn’t deserve with my love…My love for them still there but i am pretty sure it will never grow further…Esme

Awhie DeLarosa

We shouldn’t depend our own happiness and love on others. I’ve learned that if you make them your world you’ll have a hard time when everything else go wrong. We need to learn to find happiness within ourselves and how to love ourselves from the others so we won’t go through such extreme pain like what I’m going through right now..

Celina Olivia Leja

I’ve been coming back to my ex boyfriend about 4 times. Why? Because I loved him so much. He was hurt in his last relationship and he has many problems with empathy and loving back. But I decided to do EVERYTHING I could to fix him, to show him that love does exist, to make him happier and happier. I tried so hard. In the end we are not together because he left me. After I came back to him many times and gave him so many chances even if he hurt me so so much. He left me because… Read more »

Jim Rink

Sometimes , but he probably realised that long ago , thought she’d be better where she was , and honestly has been alot tyed down with what’s going on !#!

Julie Saari

Bill Long never did deserve me and he will never have that opportunity again. He was never good enough for me, never has been meet will be.

Anthony Adams

Who’s to judge all of this? And what if someone is secretly loving someone and the person doesn’t know it? You know how many lies and excuses that will show up….especially if it’s those without a fighting chance!!!

Yohan Ryochi Ragoonath

Why would you love someone who doesn’t deserve you? Wake up people.

Alvin Sandes

Don’t waste your love on somebody, who doesn’t value it.