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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Landon Stearns

Yuuuup! I keep thinking I’ll never love again but that I’ll only hurt people but I know deep in my heart I will never change. My love is strong

Karen Boryla Klukis

It is difficult, but makes us stronger and creates who we are

Theresa Fonda

Strong heart ? I thought I was crazy to still love James after all the hurt

Chris Morrison

TRUTH!!! Just so much pain you can take though, it’s time to move on.

Luann Ferraro

I must not have a heart any longer.. I have found it soooo difficult to love again..

Nước Lã Luộc

After broken some times, the heart can know how to protect itself

Brandi Maki

I’m ready to love again. I’m just hanging out in the meantime. No worries and no sweat!

Thoshe RJ

After hurting several times it does hurts anymore. It’s the nature of our heart

Doug Fouser

First seek his love. Once you know God’s love, once again can you believe in the love of another.

Dominic Ling

It will continue to be strong even though she’s not here no more ?

Marcela Paz Avery

I’m not there yet, I’m still afraid of doing it again…

Marcais Jackson II

Well then, I guess I have a weak heart. I honestly don’t know anymore, maybe I have a weak heart or maybe I don’t. Again, don’t know anymore.

Steve Holliday

It can be rough to trust someone like you used to but with time it can happen just be patient

Shamiran Rios

Me and my current bf had just gotten out of bad relationships, not even planning on getting back in one til we met. We’ve been together almost every day since then. Expecting a baby boy next month near our 1 year anniversary.

Bill Gibson

I’m over my hurts and hangups.Just ready for a strong real relationship with a amazing girl.Instead of being at home on a Saturday night starring at my phone when I could be starring at her.Anybody will hurt you,Just have to take chances and see who’s worth it.

Debra Clark

I’m shutting mine down. Never again. I’m polite to all and will still give FROM A DISTANCE. I’m tired of sadness and tears. When I get over this awful pain, emotional abuse, cruelty and more, NEVER AGAIN.

Eyna Mallari

I dont know which heart is stronger.. yours or mine… only our hearts beat not for each other. Yours to her.. mine to you ?? #wordsforgangster

Queen Latifer

yes i was like that for someone’ for many many years” but d end was sad an very sad that is y i hav to be strong for myself by deleted every contact that can connect me an then again an bear my pains why i move on.

Geeta Pankaj

The stronger heart is the one who has hope in its core and a belief of true love. And because of these people..one still believes the existence of the actual love without any mask.

Lynn Malloy

And people are not disposable!!! No one is perfect. If you love someone you should do so unconditionally unless they are abusive or worse.

Iam-Thee Elegant Princess Le-kaChibi

and a strongest hrt to leave d table when love is no longer served

Nicole Saylor

Yep..the man in my life continually hurts me and I keep going back for more..I love him stupidly enough..

Shivanshu Saxena

thats me but m not committed m looking for the miss perfect right now