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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Raddy McNeelster

you pick someone out of loneliness, then you pick the wrong one…then suddenly after time, you can’t wait to be alone again. LOL

Esmeralda Daniella

If i can’t find a beautiful Soul to be with…Alone is the best for me because i know i can always talk to my Soul… ☆

Lata Gupta

That way, I am not confused. I am pretty sure I exactly I want…

Freddy Reyes

I know a lot of people that do this. I’ve been single for two years and I don’t want to be this person.

Sheryl Arnes

Not true. Not everyone needs to be alone to know who they are and what they want. Stop trying to shove everyone into the same fucking box. Sheesh.

Paterna Hollmen

if only i can change his heart.. im complete without a partner…

Jose Robles

So true but I know not to love unless it real an I feel it. Never again

Kevin Carpenter

Been a little over 4 years and still getting used to it however I would always choose love over a woman just being there

Kathy Mae Manalo Angeles

Sometimes when we are alone it give us the idea of staying single until God give us someone.

Steve Jones

I got too comfortable being alone
I love it
Now lee me lone

Coy Moore III

stayed single for 2 years and now with someone I love, but dont tell her that 🙂

Nicole Sylvester

The sad part is when you choose them out of love, and they choose you out of loneliness. ?

Richard Lee

Well, I’ve got the alone thing down…over two years now. 🙁

Allan Wojack

I enjoy being alone it’s when I’m at peace. But being alone all the time is difficult

Jackie Byers Wright

Been alone for years. My children keep me occupied enough. The men interested in knowing me and being in my life don’t get that my kids come first. If they can’t or won’t understand that then they can move on. One day I will find that one that understands and accepts it all.

Katherine Besaw

Though, being lonely is unfortunately a symptom of our individualistic culture. People just need to love and be love more because that’s what brings meaning into our life. We all desire for a sense of belonging and loneliness is a good reminder of that.

Beverly Hannibal

A LOT of people make this mistake! Especially men that are lonely for companionship. I guess most men can’t stay or be comfortable with being single. This is just my observation- certainly not criticizing men so please don’t assume. Some Women are this way as well but it seems more men are than women. ?

Amanda Kelly

So very true, after 37 years of marriage tossed away by the bastard I think that I am now a better stronger person, alone yes, but better than being with a lying cheating scumbag who will soon be hit by a truck! I can only hope,

Franky Mizudez

I’ve been alone for almost 6 yrs because I was concerned about hurting a person due to my medical history but I feel like it’s time to get myself out there and I
found a person I love but it’s been a difficult time for both of us 🙁 🙁

Harold Conshafter

This is so true . You have to take time for yourself after a break up before you jump in another relationship . Ive learned a lot while being single . Can’t fix some one that’s broke if you are . Have to be strong and there for each other .

Katherine Moore

nowadays, many forget that being alone won’t kill you. In order to love again, you first have to become whole again.

Dustin Scott Nance

The girl of my dreams will always be that little girl on my shoulders, any other woman will be lucky to share me. ?❤️?

Carlton Lee

Loneliness does not mean that you are alone…it just sometimes means u rather deal with ur life problems apart from other $!!