Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jillian Ashley Cornel

Hmm.. The reason you show them that you can’t live without them is because you love them and you want them to stay with you.. You want them to feel important in your life.. It’s a choice you choose for yourself.. And it’s their choice to cherish it or take it for granted.. But one thing is for sure, it’s not your lost if that person ignores the importance you are giving to them.. It’s theirs.. The fact that you made them feel special enough to be in your life and they take it for granted, is a big mistake… Read more »

Esmeralda Daniella

Well most humans are like that…Take advantages and manipulate of the others humans..I believe not all of us…Some people are really good humans…Keep faith.There are some beautiful souls out there…Esme.

Alexandrea Atkins

What should you do then? Lie? Say you can live without them when its clearly NOT true? Once you find your soulmate theres no settling for anything or anyone else………….nothing could ever even come close!

Akash Singh

But how one can hide his feeling …..
If he truly misses her …..

April Dee

I agree. Never ever will i allow myself to fully care and love someone.

Michele Dobbs

Thats bullshit. If you are with the wrong person…yes…right person no. I use to like your page but its turned victimy

Pher Joe Jophskie

sigh soo hard to do the right things to leave her, when you still in love with her

Rhodielyne Yhen DeMesa Jaquihaca

Arayy ko te. Hahaha! 😂 I’ll try to leave him naman din e. 😊😊

Garza D Lori

That is so messed up to act like that. Take life for granted.

Alanna Valancy

LOL I should’ve seen this. Can’t believe I wanted to actually kill myself over something so stupid

Wolf Toretto

And when you give explanation and reason that I did this because of this .they think your weak and your him/her servant .so don’t do this .

Janice Cook

I agree… I can support myself but it’s nice to have that special someone there because you want them not because you need them

Stephanie Berezin

This is true in many situations. Personally, if someone shows that level of devotion, the more I want to be with them. Loyalty is so rare these days.

John Tagg

Why is this so true though? Met an amazing lady, 2 gorgeous children, have a lil beautiful girl myself.. Made her laugh lots and as soon as feelings developed for her I rarely hear a thing? Yep I’m needy, is that such a bad thing if you make someone happy? I don’t get people

Anjum Arora

i agree… if someone is really meant to stay in someone’s life so that person will definitely stay. you cant force anyone to stay with you. its better to move on with a fresh starting

Happy Samillano

I agree…better leave them alone and do your thing. Forget about them when they do nothing but to ignore you, hurt you..

Elvira B Jose

…Yes , that usually happen when ur the one so much in love than ur partner……u always feel the pain!….and that’s the price of loving so much , u hurt so much….

Anna Hernandez

It’s so true!!!!! Enough I will not show it anymore!!!!!! And it’s true it’s as if your begging them for their attention and yet your just missing them so much. We need to stop being the doormat.

Andrea Gabriela Dan

I believe this isn’t worded correctly- It means to not give up your Independence as a individual, yes show the person you care but if you’re running after them it’s one sided

Samantha Denham

I don’t even know what to say this except it isn’t true. Don’t lose yourself in a relationship, but showing the depth of your feelings doesn’t lead to being taken for granted.

Brian Crampton

But you should never ignore them, especially when they are going through rough times. And even through the good. I believe that you should be there for anything anytime

Matthew French

This is why i am single. Never had one woman who appreciated the hard work and effort to make her happy. All i ever got was it wasn’t enough…….

Simi PhoenixArts

perfect quote that the reality.. people will take u for granted