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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Keith W. Pratt

“There is nothing so beautifully genuine as a broken hearted person’s love. For in giving it they are saying, ‘Yes, I have burned to smoke and ash for the ones I have loved. I have been devoured, slowly, then spat back out. And probability suggests you are likely to ruin me too. But here, have my heart. Take it. I’d like you to.’”
–Beau Taplin

Joshua Nichols

Hmmmmm, just a woman? Men under the same conditions are different how?

Pacheco La

there’s also men that are brave enough to believe one more time…. in love….

Alyssa Chance

Especially when she’s done it to the same person once before.

Mari Carmen

Don’t make her shut down again.

Doug Alexander

I don’t feel worthy of the love from ANY woman.

Damian Joseph

Whats in it for men?

Mightee Quinn

Mrsz Mightier you are the bravest woman I know

Emilly Eden

i try to be brave but i guess its just not enough for u..if not missing u or looking for u is what u want then i will find my bravest heart to obey..i will try my hardest to let go of u..

Jeanne A. C. Jimenez

Better to have love and lost….than never to have love at all. Am relieve that I dont have to keep pretending or running away, just let go and let God work on your relationship… I realized that you can love, and love until it hurts …

Dan Petersen

A woman whose heart has never been broken because she keeps it unreachable is a coward

Shawn Matthew

The good thing about me is you’ll never feel that heart break again, I love you so much n will do anything to make you happy ???

Dani Lynne

And you’re an asshole when you break it, especially when you were the one who broke it in the first place and she STUPIDLY tried to give you another chance!

Steven Setu

Not just woman. Also men. Women will never know the deep tears that men cry behind close doors. I have invested all my time and energy into making a relationship work and then I keep getting hurt. I sometimes wonder is it my fault? I have had my heart broken twice. But I know deep down in my heart I will find a woman that will value my heart and my effort. I will change that stigmata that nice guys always comes last. Because in my eyes I am always first, I am always number one and I only need… Read more »

Brenda Brown'Self

You have to accept and Love yourself to be Loved, and yes Bent but never completely Broken, God doesn’t make Crap,He repairs every Bent part of a persons life. You have to receive His gift of Eternal life and accept Him into your life. His will for you is Perfect

ZhayJhee Laranang Pacis

Her giving you a chance is a much bigger deal than you might think. It was you that changed her mind about love existing. Despite being hurt by someone before you, she has decided that she’s willing to risk being hurt again because of you. Because she sees something incredible and amazing inside of you. You are the first person she has been open to trying again with, and that says something about you and your character. She’s still learning how to trust again, so while she’s doing that, trust me in telling you she’s worth the extra time, the… Read more »

Annette Cook

No such thing as a broken heart until your dead. Bent heart yes broken – no.

Kem Sopheak

He never know , and still keep his eyes on another girl … Dead inside ?

Romi Honey

Beautiful quotes..loved it…waiting that lady in my life..

Brenda Brown'Self

I know a person just like that, he saved my life. It is Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I was broken and He repaired my broken heart and spirit. Thank you my Father God and God bless and keep you in His Holy Name.

Ťhé Óuťposť

And how about love vibes from a lady who has already broken dozens of hearts!?!?