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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ivan Garcia

I just found this out today. I went to talk to my ex and try to fix us but I seen that she didn’t want to change for us and take a step forward with me. So I have to let her go for good. It sucks but I know it’s for the best.

Rosibel Diaz

That’s what I’m doing breaking my heart over and over by allowing me being on the wrong relationship.

Casey Cobb

And somehow, in the midst of nearly giving up, I read this.

Lucecita Casti

Amen! Because at the end of the day you are only disrespecting yourself

Aiden Airs

I wouldn’t break my own heart if I knew the guy was going to turn out to be a fake lying son of a gun.

Harold Hall

“Stop settling for less than you deserve!” I love it!

Anthony Adams

This is Facebook….you never know what relationship you’re in!!!

Jessica Mangrum

Actions don’t always “speak” the truth. People don’t always mean what they say. You can’t know someone has let go because many try to force “moving on” and can get as far as marring someone all while wanting someone else who they truly love. You can’t try to change someone who doesn’t want to. People should either accept everything or try to move on if you know they won’t on something that’s important to you. People definitely need to stop fearing loneliness or settling just to have someone around. They need to stop giving up on whom they love to… Read more »

Brenda Brown'Self

Don’t be a narcissist individual, it never work’s. Be that incredible, humble, forgiving, joyful, loving person that God made you to be.

Tina Marie

This was me ? and after 2months of crying and trying to hold on..i finally got the message that he moved on and was just trying to string me alone. After 4 1/2 years he was/is a cheater moved back with his ex and tryed to make me the side bitch . nope i let go

Henry Sr Walker

This is exactly what I needed to hear. I was giving everything but nothing in return but a bunch of lies. I had to learn and wait on God to send that special someone who he has designed just for me.

Jenny Rentz

I finally realized it was killing me. I divorced him after 26 years of marriage. I’m happier than I’ve ever been!! 🙂

Chamberlain Marie Jullian

I am going this one I don’t know if he wants to work through the problems his are not matching his actions and he is interested in someone’s life that he has no place being in. She is taken my his friend and is lieing as to why he is talking with her still.

Janet Manchester

Too late!! Too old. Too stupid. All I ever wanted was one person. One love. One life. What do i get after 63 years of giving, nurturing……..nothing. not one thing.

Celia Webb

The last day, it dawned on me that he didn’t try. He hadn’t tried for years. What made me believe he would start? He left, but i finally let him go too. I couldn’t be happier now. Once I realized that, a switch turned, and I have not shed a single tear since.

Sandy Boehler Hoffmann

Exactly what I needed to hear right now. Now I just need to put it into practice. Gave it my all but got nothing in return.

Irish D Frank

Indeed. That’s true. When you have that kind of love where you repeatedly get hurt, where you lost self respect because you’ve been giving too much already but nothing comes back in return, when you do your best already but your partner doesnt know how to appreciate all the little things you do, well for me I think it’s time to let go. People nowadays are so afraid to let go because they think they won’t be able to find somebody special again. But truth is, there’s somebody out there meant for us. The one that will appreciates us and… Read more »

Keith Crook

That sounds just how I feel. I was giving everything I had and she still felt it wasn’t good enough. That’s exactly why women say it isn’t any good men left cuz we get ran over and treated like shit and broken and beaten down then when we meet the next person we not the same. We hold back and dont give our all anymore cuz we are afraid of being hurt for giving our all.

Kristi King

I start these wise words and put them into action as of now….soooo…..leave me alone let me be happy