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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Scott Johnson

Being a Gentleman and a Nice guy to women is Overrated!!! They Don’t appreciate it or want it!!! They want a “Project”!!! Then they Get Mad when it doesn’t work… Then expect the Nice guy to be there so they can cry on his shoulder, when he has loved her All along, but he is never considered…. Don’t understand…

Francesco Foti

Why is always about men being the ones you can count on?
I’ve always done like this, in the end they take the best i can give and when I am the one in need and shit gets difficult they all run away.
Being a gentleman isn’t worth it.

Bryan Davis

But when you have proven that your there for them, over and over again, and it doesn’t seem to matter to them, and your just feeling used. it’s time to move on.

Maria Mitumug

A lot are saying that it’s the mans fault and then men wills say its the woman’s fault. Hey it really goes both ways. Men being ungentleman and woman being blind to the mens efforts.

Edward E Nelson Jr.

Always have been but women nowadays don’t want that . They want little punk boys that treat them like crap and want a free ride or at least that’s all I see around here.

Travis Blanchard

I find it fun how woman are all agreeing and saying that they don’t have anyone that is like that. But there a lot of guys agreeing with me that we are a lot of guys that do that but woman just take advantage and don’t treat guys the same

James Lynn

Doesn’t matter how much you prove it. In the end you still get left wondering where it went wrong while you busted ass for your other they busted ass being unfaithful.

Neil Hayman

Did that for years , and more ,,, modern women are just ungrateful cnts !!

Russ Oost

I call bullshit!!.. Most would rather stay with some loser that treats them like shit

Gina Zoglman

I am so thankful that this is currently true for me. I know that I can count on my boyfriend 100%. He has already helped me through a lot in the last few months and I truly appreciate how nice and kind and amazing he is. And I don’t plan on letting him go anytime soon. I appreciate him and I treat him with same qualities as this post, because yes it should go both ways. It is really sad that it seems that in this day and age people don’t have the same standards for relationships as it really… Read more »

Jim Hodgkins

Oh, how I could present a 5 day seminar to you. Being married 45 years to my love, and 3 yrs of chaste dating, I think I can present to men and women, what to expect from each, and what to do. If you are truly into each other, you will find common ground, to share gifts, love, etc, and leave your egotism out in the car. Yes?? Marriage is all about 100% giving to your spouse, bottom line!! Variances are the tricky points. Do es one have more? Is that OK? Talk it over in a loving way. What… Read more »

Jai Dutta

Yaa yaa…. Seems like we are the only dependable khamba…. Koi aaye… ND moot Jaye… Still behave as a dependable khabha…!! Admin.. Mil kabhi… Will show u d future of a khamba ????

Casey Sanchez

Women should open their eyes first before saying stuff like that. Every women meets that kind of guy but drops him for an a…hole, who doesn’t even respects relationships just to get in their pants. At the end they lost someone that would do anything for them, just because of a feeling that didn’t last at all.

Laura Beard

I have one of them?he always has my back, and he loves all of my good and bad qualities.? bless his heart. And for that I spoil him rotten in every possible way, thanks babe.

Manny Olivo

Omg are you serious! These quotes are from 1945-1960! The more you do for them the higher the expectations comes and these girls are still unappreciated and very ungrateful! After a 4 yrs relationship see no process! Best to keep it moving! Go depend on your daddy or find a new sucker…don’t forget your 3 month behind on rent…bye! Lmfaoo

Matthew French

Maybe woman need to prove to us man that they are worth the effort first? I am a gentleman and a nice guy with respect and morals. But maybe to a friend that is a girl. But seriously why waste my good heart on girls that complain they don’t have a nice guy and always sayin they don’t exist? Well listen up ladies if you dropped your standards from tall dark handsome with perfect smile you might find what your looking for. Most genuine guy’s don’t talk or make then selfs noticed because of afraid of being abused and heart… Read more »

Princess RaSa

Wish every men should read and understand this to be the real gentleman for his lady but unfortunately nowadays no real gentleman ????

Scott Seguin

Yah until you find out she was cheating on you the whole time and abusing your kid when you weren’t around… then you can destroy that bitch… sorry used to believe this now um yah I’ve been ruined.

Keith Dunn

Or they take advantage of you always being there and only call you when they need something. Usually because some other guy leaves them in the dust. Chilvary is dead and women have changed for the worse.

Michael Martins

Yeah your nice and a true gentlemen to women then you get treated like crap and get no respect. Bottomline she will go to the guy that’s the prick. It’s happened way too many times to me unfortunately.

Alex Salazar

Shouldn’t that go both ways not just one