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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Henry Cordovis

This is a stupid statement so you mean to tell me if the woman you love has a bad habit that is hurting her you wouldn’t want to change it for the better because it’s affecting the relationship in a negative way..?? come on, wth..who the hell thinks for these things??? We need women and men both thinking into this.. this is stupid one sided shit I can’t stand..

Sheila Mcrae

And some of those guys who change your last name.still dont be satisfied because they still cheat.therefore it doesn’t make them a real man.but at least they were man enough.to marry..

SusanSuzy Sue Moraa

You can’t change someone if he/she doesn’t want to change but they can change if they truly love you and care about you. On the other hand,if you love someone you have to love everything about them.Let change meet you both on your way to your honeymoon.In short,don’t waste too much time chasing a shadow

Erinn Horton

I married a man who was the love of my life. He loved me exactly how I was. It was great until he passed away. That’s when I realized there were a lot of things in my life that needed to change. So although I appreciated this man and loved him dearly I wish he would have been more honest about some things I could have done to improve myself. And vice versa. Now I am with someone who is sometimes brutally honest which takes some adjusting but I am probably in the greatest health of my life and haven’t… Read more »

Jenny Sullivan

A real woman won’t change her name and a real man wouldn’t expect her to. This is so stupid.

Hirwa Pandit

Depends whom you choose!
A guy who wants to change you for on his own demand or a guy wanna stop you smoking saying “HP, this is the last packet of your bday”
Last one is awesome. !

Hilary Jenner

You both have to change in a marriage for it to work!No wonder so many fail.Marriage is working together to make both parties happy!(after 43 years of marriage I should know!!)

Lý Thi Ly

The is no real men in this nowadays, go to find him in hell

Shirley Hoffman

This is not true at all! A real man will guide you closer to Christ and he will help you become the best version of yourself. Everyone has character flaws and someone who truly loves you will help you recognize them and get rid of them.

Emerson Ferguson Jr

Unfortunately some women are too ignorant to see that and think that encouragement to be the best them is trying to change them. Done….

Sarah May Van Houten

My husband has changed more in my life than my last name. He’s changed my family, by giving me children. He’s changed my attitude, by helping me find better ways to cope with my anxiety and depression. He’s changed my bad habits and helped me replace them with healthier choices. I’ve changed his life, too… I guess he isn’t a real man and I’m not a real woman but so be it.

Alex Krstanovic

I find this funny, isn’t it usually some women trying to change the men they are with? Date bad boys thinking they can teach them to be good to them & pretty much always ends in tears, can’t say I’ve ever tried to change a woman I love, the way I see it, if you really love them, you love them faults & all & when you’re in love, you struggle to find any faults anyway, that’s true love…

Jared Adam Beyer

Ah the bane of humanity strikes again, the passive nature of female sexual selection rears its ugly head once more. The beast shall never die. It’s always the burden of the man to cater to the woman for she is the selector, the arbiter, the controller of the flood gates, she is the one who can lets him in only if and only if he passes her tests. Human courtship practices aren’t so much different than other animal species. Peacocks use their plumage, Rams lock horns, insects dance, and humans form monogamous relationships. There are Very complicated courtship rituals within… Read more »

Patrik Lundgren

This is such load of bullshit. Every person needs to change something about their behaviour in order to have a healthy relationship. Don’t feed girls the godforsaken lie that there are men that would do anything without getting something back. Fucking wake up from your fairytale and be ready to change whatever needs to be changed to make this world better. If you want something you have to give something too. Nothing is free.

Maggie Atkinson

Or they maybe join their names together or just keep their own names..men can also take the woman’s name instead of the traditional woman taking the guys name.

David Katz

And even that should be a request. The gist of this is that if she’s good enough for you to be in a committed relationship then why try to change her?

Lori Lynn

a real woman wouldnt change to please him..

Ibrahim Métar

The problem is that some people they don’t want real men! They are looking for fake men! They didn’t get yet that stage of wisdom,, or maybe real men no one wants them nowadays!

RaVi CarTer ToolSie

This is true only to an extent….a man should not try to change his girl however if he sees ways to help her improve upon herself i see no reason why he should not help her so that…yes that is changing but changing for the betterment of herself! Alot of girls however don’t appreciate that. Remember nobody knows you better than your guy and if he tries to help you…accept that!! Don’t ignore him. As well guys should do the same towards their women who tries to improve them!!!

Jennifer Bermudez

My husband loves me just the way I am, and I kept my name!

Anthony Adams

That’s why most the women wanted to be around me. They would turn into lil kids when no one was around. Don’t let them fool you!!! ;0)

Abhijit Bhattacharya

what if after u hv given ur best n put some people ahead of everyone, loved them with a sincere heart n later they prove u wrong n take u for granted? 🙂

Joseph Jode Garcia

How about if a women refuses to take your last name and demands that you take her last name!!! I kicked her to the curb!!!