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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Richie Perez

Love is many things but one of them is courage. If you tell them you love them then major kudos to you!!!! Never ever feel ashamed of telling how you feel. You are a hero for doing so…no matter the outcome. Never regret it. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Ryan Shank

Yea I’ve been trying but not sure she understands what my point is ?

Ras Ogidi

dont understand estimate love ,i need serious relationship…add me

Kelsey Marie

The best is when you actually say you like them and it scares them off, that’s what I regret 🙂

Nessie Marie

I just did and he didn’t say anything. I knew he would never love me for me. Reality bites!

Angela Dean

Been trying this most of my life. It’s never made a difference, so why bother trying anymore…

Shannon McMillan

Ohh, I have many times…he just doesn’t believe it cause he’s been hurt by those he chose to be with!

Johnnie Sadler

Feeling marvelous cuz i think positive u’ll be on your way to Hope and Beyond

Jessica Mangrum

I told him how I felt. He said he felt the same. He was the one to usually say “I love you.” first. I still love him the same as the day he left.

ShuggaaBear Segovia

I use to do that. But I got shot down a lot lol 🙂
I can do without the rejections!

Lina Malina

I tell him how I really feel and what is on my mind. He answers me the same. He is not happy with that person. He told me he thinks of me and misses me.

Ricky Danover

I am So Bad at telling people how I feel about them. I have lost a lot of opportunities, something I need to change about myself!!

Alex Krstanovic

Yes, even if it means rejection, it’s always better to know where you stand, heartbreaking as it might be, I’m sure we’ve all been there

Hooper Bob

This is amazing and true. I lost the woman i loved and didn’t even see what i was doing untill it was to late. Make a point to let them know every day you love them and appreciate everything they do for you because someday they won’t be there and you’ll be holding nothing but your broken heart and regret. I love you melody gronemeyer moore.

Melissa Gerstner

Very true! Very important to tell and show how you feel! As often as needed! They can’t feel love if it’s no expressed. Never put blame on the other by saying they should already know!

Lý Thi Ly

I tell him all and he still leave me for another girl, that is hurt my heart so so so much , he will never know how I feel until someone he love leave him the he leaves me

Lisa Clarke

And if you tell them how you feeling and they do not care about your feelings they only care about themselves time to move on run away because if they don’t take your feelings into account with the actions they do then they never will. The don’t actually care about you if they keep hurting you over and over

Leah Kathryn Hansen

Put my feelings on the floor to get trampled on. But like it says at least I said them.