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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Karen Krajewski

I’ve read sooo many of everyone’s comments and I feel a deep pain in my heart cause a lot of people go through what I’ve been through its like we both still love each other but….. There are two sides to every story two sides to every relationship my hope and my prayer is that everyone can find true love that special person that you just click with. I found that person but there were too many differences of opinion THAT IS SO HARD!!!

Kimberly England

Learned all this w the death of my late husband at a very young age and it’s all true!!!

Takveen Razzaq

Intense deep heart touching lines. And at last this is life.

Laurea R. Cole

Yep. I’m goin’ for it! This better work ’cause I’m all in! I love you Shawn Phalen!

David W Smith Jr.

For sure?….the only thing you can count on is the power of YOU, that, taxes and Death???????Carol

Sakata Hyena

And prepare for sacrifices and consequences after ~
Don’t trust too much. Lower your pride and love unconditionally <3

James David Ward

That’s so good…..and so true!!!!! Sometimes I have to be reminded thank you

Sandy Dickerson

Amen so very true you are a very wise and pretty woman so happy to have you in are family love meme

Mohamed Ebraheem

sometimes, u have to realize that u can’t get everything u want in life. Love doesn’t always come easy . it can see u both heal and heaven and mistakes help us to find the right one ..so ,be honest and satisfied untill u find the true and loyal one ..

Dan Sereda

What a great message! I hope I heard this when I was much younger but today is the first day of the rest of my life so I just doubled my “to do list”.

Peggy O'Brien

And forgive your dad cause he did the best that he could do under the circumstance…he’s the one who told cps to call your papas to come and get you in Florida So forgive him and move on and be happy let him be liam’s papas.

Angel Harshu

how heart touching but really very true …………. but still acting as if ur never hurt n start loving again is a lie dat u will be showing d world rite….. is it really possible to make this lie turn to a strong n never ending truth

Pooneh Tanaeim

Always love like you e never been betrayed ! In life we don’t get many chances on true love ?. You encounter a good hearted handsome, intelligent man and fall in Love with everything in you. You know it’s going to be ok cause God bought you together. It’s a connection that’s soulful and highly spiritual ✨✨✨✨✨??. Believe you deserve the best and you will receive the best. Having a positive mental attitude is the #1 quality you can have. So embrace one another ???. Hold on tight, kiss softly and make LOVE❤️. Trust & loyalty go hand in hand.… Read more »

Shaheryar Shaikh

Someday you’ll find him/her. Just be patient and learn to love yourself first. I once fell in love with girl who lied and cheated on me. Yes it is true. It will be hard to find someone that you can trust again. It’s like you’ll feel that everyone is not telling the truth. But one day a girl/boy will come and he/she make you believe that second chances do exist. Just wait and be patient, love yourself for now and keep on praying for that right person. He/she will come soon ?

Lynn Parker Tordo

An remember, your sisters love you through it all <3