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Jan 30, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Elisabeth Ani Castillon

He seems to be slowly forgetting the 3 years we’ve known eachother all or memories and many things we’ve been through together for only the one year hes known her…I now feel like nothing next to her, talent-less and hardly as beautiful as she is.

Lý Thi Ly

He’s now exactly like that,, he forgetting our memories and all the word that he told me ,, We know each other for 8 months since now and he just meet her in 2months and he chooses her.. :'(

Valerie Linares

Funny thing, i had just texted a good friend of mine who i hadnt talked to in a while just to let him know I missed him and always praying for him.

Esmeralda Daniella

You will know…Well life is a mystery may be you not so sure if they miss you or not…But it’s really doesn’t matter something you can control or not so sure anyway.

Cori Marie

Seems no one ever misses me, but they’re great at forgetting me.

Ginny Parra

Actually it’s an eye opener, through distance you see the true colors of your relationship

Yaseen Bukhari

If you want them to miss you then borrow some money from them
I bet they never forget you and every time their empty pocket will make them miss you 😀

Becca Boo

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be… actions speak louder than words!!!

Angela S Burkhalter

Truth is, if they forget you, you weren’t that special to begin with.

Umair Ch

But if u r loyal with someone Distance does not matter

Claudia Gaitan

Dont be scared, if he there, hes there! if not don’t worry bout it, keep doing you, if he likes you he’ll come back around! LOL

Theresa-Marie Perry

That’s the comfortable/questioning stage in every relationship. Comfortable as in people feel like there’s no need to put in any more effort into their relationship, and questioning as in one person is in doubts about the future outcome of this relationship. You have to do whatever you can to keep the spark alive.

Kaiden Flynn

In my situation … another guy came along, she switched up .. neglected to tell me for 5 months while I was in my town & so far rejected 3 girls, as I stayed faithful to her, now my ex .. & I’m left alone to clean up the mess of pieces that is my shattered heart :S

Rj Sutton

No fear. A person who forgets either has a memory issue, or the relationship wasn’t that memorable or significant – in which case both are better off moving on.

Andre' Carrethers

Man right!!!! W/ each passing day I feel us getting further and further apart. But under the circumstances, it’s probably best.

Kristina Evans

Exactly how im feeling!! I miss you love!! XOXO!! Living on the East Coast while your on the west is driving me insane!! Come find me love!?!

Brandon Plaufcan

Well if they forget you, you weren’t meant to be together.

Izzy Stanhope

It’s possible that they never “forgot you” ….I have remembered and still remember people but the distance I gave them was because I didn’t need them in my life anymore and I needed to heal properly and move on. They will always mean something to me, negative and positive. What we had was an experience, lesson, and other things to help shape me into the person I have become and still am working on. Now how they feel about me, as the famous quote says, “Their opinion of me is none of my business”.

Muhammad Adil

Well till now through out my life, i couldn’t find a single person about whome i could be sure that, she is the one who is really going to fucking miss me. And now with the people who i am, i don’t wanna stay away from them because i know they ain’t gonna miss.
Distance seprate, thats what i learn till now.

Justin Summers

You can be laying right next to them and think everything is fine. Not even knowing that her heart is distant and already gone. That she is already thinking of someone else and is too much of a child to tell you straight up WTF is going on! What a cowards way to handle a relationship! What are we in fucking 7th grade!! What goes around cums around bitch! I already know he’s a player. I’ve seen him at the clubs already with other women while you work. You are busting your ass for him and you both as a… Read more »

Brandie Gubler

I’ve learned a thing or two about distance. It must be embraced. If they don’t miss you, it’s time to move on. Where one won’t, another will. It’s part of life and part of the process. It’s super scary, especially when you care sooo much about the person that it hurts in your heart. But that’s when you focus on yourself, learn to love yourself so that you can love and be loved in return.

Shelly Beaulieu

I never forget I just keep loving the guy. Keep on loving you – Journey????