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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Rodney Torres

Guys if ur lady argues with u that means she cares, sometimes we just have to shut up and listen.

Awilda Rivera

100% correct but I wouldn’t say arguing as some may see but trying to communicate and express your feelings. If they can’t see your value then its best to let go because that just proves you’re not seeing your self-worth.

Linda Thompson

All reason is out of the door when she stops trying to communicate! You no longer care enough to attempt to make things right! So don’t be surprised when she is ” done”

De Sean JethroeRose

Well maybe don’t argue about every little thing and we won’t be so hard to work with. So many saying it’s “over” when she’s done arguing. Ever thought that it was over due to too much arguing?

Andre' Carrethers

Gotta agree. Found out the hard way. Then again, if I had been caught in a lie regarding my ex, I wouldn’t have much to argue either.

Jesus A. Gomez

Not always
Some women stop arguing to not make things worse than it already is
To avoid a complete loss and give time for eachother to cool down and talk calmly about what caused the argument

Dan Porter

Usually the whole argument is about eachs point but true love is understanding its each to their own point and arguing about anyone’s individual point is negative !So much easier and fulfilling to your self to quietly say nothing smile consider the source laugh understand and consider it another beautiful day . UNLESS it’s your children still living at home then you can laugh smile know they’re morons like us and be glad the grandkids are close to see loving attitudes. Again laugh as that’s the key to a wonderful relationship in life.

Susan Kirby Hamilton

The post is so true. The worth is not worth it any more. There is no need to fight for something that is not going anywhere and no progress. So you might just leave it alone. #walkingawayslowly

Ysa Mari

If a woman stops arguing, it means that she’s eating. We were taught that we can’t talk when our month is full. That’s all. ??✌

Akshat Mishra

Why a men argue n why a women argue? No one exactly knows.Yes,these arguments may result in damage to a relation but the point is wen these fights goes on,them both should talk to each other rather than leaving bcz leaving other simply mean u havnt loved or if u loved ur partner m still u left den may be a person is influenced by their friends.To come in a relation is a easy tasl for anyone but to maintain till end is the love which is pious.Never give up on ur mate until u find a solution.

Pablo Nevarez

Shit, if I stop arguing she’s not worth being queen.
Don’t push a man to find another queen.
More woman than men on this earth.
Remember that!!!

Jennifer Cove

If you’ve been arguing about the same basic needs not being met for years on end then eventually one or both partners will become indifferent. If they didn’t, they’d go insane. It’s healthy and liberating to give up and leave in that situation.

Brian Helgren

Thank God. Thought she would never take the hint that he was done already, just waiting for her to finally give him peace of mind. Lol

August Foreman

Has anyone stopped to consider what the arguements might be about to begin with? I mean are we all arguing for the sake of argument? I also love the stereotypes being perpetuated in the comments here: “Women argue all the time, they need to won to feel satisfied” or “Men ates dumb and are never right about anything”. Are people even using their brains here?

Lisa Vandemark

Yep…once she quits gripping, she has made up her mind and consoled her self to the fact that nothing is going to change. P.S. She’ll be gone soon lol

Juju Mac

This is where men feel that they have ‘won’ and they have…. they’ve won the last nail in the relationships coffin. Then they are hit from left field when the woman goes (because there has been no fight) the need to win against their partner is the undoing.

Adella Gonzalez

I disagree. It depends on the issue. In a committed relationship, you should never “be done”. Unless there’s abuse. I do agree that once a person stops talking or resisting, they have chosen to walk away from the topic for sure. And sadly, a little scar will be left.

Eddie Tracie Hyland III

Agree, I know that for a fact, it may hurt like hell and your gonna cry, punch out walls, slam doors, but in the end you stop and breathe and say No More. You realize you are better off alone than a toxic relationship. Let the next one figure it out. I am done. Bye, adios,Asta, so long, Hit the Road Jack. BYE

Roxanne Boncimino

Absolutely! Always be cautious around a quiet woman. Unless she’s sleeping?

Heidi Mcnair

You only fight so long then you lose hope then the realization kicks in that he doesn’t care enough to fight for you….save yourself energy…embarrassment and pain…walk away something or someone hopefully is out there for us…

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

When two people are really that in love with each other they wouldn’t even bother with petty squabbling. They are far too busy finding more ways to appreciate each other.

Lisa M Ortler

Yes, that’s where I am at now. When the other person does not care about your feelings and keeps showing their true colors it’s time to be done. Sad but true. Feel like a whole bunch of wasted time. ?

Sarah Grace

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. When a woman stops arguing with someone and shows complete indifference to another. It means there is no love left. With indifferece we don’t care whether the person lives or dies. There is no love left than hate.

Sheena Marie Turner

Yes! I don’t ever argue just to argue, and can’t stand people who will try and start fights just because they can. Although I will try to communicate with someone, and try to hear their side as well. If neither side will listen or attempt to understand, it becomes pointless. And that’s when this ends up happening. Doesn’t mean the person that you were trying to communicate with isn’t worth anything, and isn’t worth a fight at all, just becomes pointless at some point to even try.

Phil Ball

Isnt this the same with guys too? I fought the biggest fight for love then had to simply stop when it was like bashing my head against a brick wall