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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jitendra Pradhan

That was sweet.. when I look back to it.. I don’t find any disappointments… she gave me lots and lots of good moments to cherish.. she asked to part our ways and I really appreciate her realness.. she is a good friend and will always be..

Jeff Turner

some people are trapped in a love that is destructive because they define their love for someone by how willing they are to endure suffering from the person they “love” … so sad. its of course a clear sign of someone who has low self esteem and needs help… the fact is they feel unlovable and therefore don’t trust someone who may have real love for them… so they seek those who don’t.. and spend their love on that person instead. sad.

Tamira Keitt

I felt as if my life was complete that I found someone worth having around and even just loved his company, his voice made me feel at ease when I was having a tough day… then all of a sudden he disappeared. .. his feelings for me, gone….just like that

Jaana Laas

I cannot describe it with one word. A relationship where I was willing to give my life to be with the man I love and got back nothing but false promises and close to zero actions – I would like to ask how could I throw so many years in to the wind? And the fact is, the love is still there.

Liam JA Ihyanne

it was the most exciting relationship I ever had.. too bad that we called it quits not because we dont love each other anymore but because there is someone who is hurting.

Bridgett Williams

My ex guy helped prepare me the love of my life…i walk away with no regrets or wasted time. It taught me to stay focus on my journey ahead…Thanks Hamadi ,losing you found a good man!

Keyuadia Tyus


Wilson Leonardo

Disappointed and hurt and misery and sadness and all of those mix into one which is unbearable and no one knows bout how broken I am and just can keep it for myself???

Jessica Fiore

Disappointed…used…fake.. Hurt.. Broken.. To many feelings for just one word. I guess its just another lesson learned..

Claudia Davis

Was perfect!!, but now I would describe it at a lie! He treated me bad begged me to stay and then left on his terms …. He hasn’t loved me for a while apparently if I look at when his attitude changed that would of been for a year ! Over double of why he was. ‘Happy’ for but he turned it like a switch ! So I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a lie x

Debra Pahtayken

Very boring…it wasn’t fun watching him slowly kill himself with meth, cocaine and to top it off with alcohol (6-18 beer a day) 🙁 I had to leave cuz he wouldn’t stop using and I couldn’t let my 13 yr old son watch him anymore…I was tired of being accused and being miserable everyday as he controlled me to the point where I couldn’t talk to my friends or family not even my 18 yr old son, he even took my cell phone away (that I paid for) for a week so I couldn’t have contact with anyone and threaten… Read more »

Taren Burns-Hutchison

I couldn’t decide between learning or manipulative. I have learnt to be who I am and continue to grow instead of being moulded by manipulative assholes that weigh you down until your last breath bubbles to the surface.

Rai Rai

A complete joke. Petty. Which has taught me that regardless of what age, that person can still be immature and not ready. Always trust your instincts.

Kelsie Hanson

Shit. Why is everyone on this thread a pile of melted Valentine’s candies? It didn’t say tell us about an ex that you’re in love with, it said tell us about your most recent ex. My most recent ex, while someone I loved very deeply in the past, is a piece of shit. One of those people who has to use and climb others, doesn’t understand how to be genuine or make a solid commitment. He was emotionally and sometimes verbally abusive. Things between us got worse and worse as time went on. It felt like my life completely fell… Read more »

Brian Cameron

never marry a girl (or boy even) who has never lived away from their parent(s). They don’t have or understand responsibility and expect you to care for their needs. and eventually resent you for even trying, just like their parent(s). Then run off with a ‘teacher’ when they are bored and exaggerate everything about you in there stories and project their flaws onto you claiming they are yours.

Rissa Renee

I honestly don’t even remember… I’ve been so happy and in love with the relationship I’m in now, She’s made forget about all the bad things in my past relationships.

Zuzi Lydia Sigida

Funny people are busy explaining their past relationships in sentences not ONE word. It shows that thy are surely broken.
I guess one word is not enough to explain a broken pieces..

Ziad Hamdane

The problem with some relationships today is people let loneliness drive them into the arms of someone they don’t even love

Cassie Jean

OVER! Thank God, what a blessing it is to be free and to truly get to know oneself by being alone. Now in my next relationship I have a complete and whole person to offer, and I know I deserve the same ❤
Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me ?

Michi Aldas

Beautiful ….His passing ended it so abruptly ….but never will regret anything ..showed me what I wanted and needed in a partner

Martin Phan

I cannot describe my ex in one word. Even though she shut me out and has not talked to me and broke up over text message after what I thought was a short break to fix things relating to anexity. I still love her very much. There are days that are still difficult like going to a certain grocery store and just crying because I had so many memories of her and us there. I am slowly getting to the point I am moving on. Will never forget her and the amazing two years we had together. Our relationship to… Read more »

Sheyi Shay Anthony

Wanted to love again it was one sided tin when someone doesn’t see anything good in you always finding faults I knw it was a waste of time he had numerous woman he was sleeping with I was just one of his side chicks

Waseem Ahmed

She taught me how to love someone without having them in our life. Can’t forget her. She will always be in my blessings and prayer doesn’t matter if she is married to someone else.

ZhayJhee Laranang Pacis

PA-FALL… hahaha its the time when i decided im ready to love trust and care again but sadly he doesnt accept everything about me my past my mistakes…he left when i almost love him back 🙂

Natasha Jean

I look at it like theres always lessons to be learned. And ive learnt them. Hard as they were it taught me things. I still remain friends with my exs. I think being bitter is destructive to the soul. But letting go on a healthy note.