Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cyndy White

It’s hard but we don’t want the fact that someone didn’t chose us to change us. There are a lot of good people out here who have yet to find someone who gets them. The toughest part is letting go of what has no chance of working to make room for what could. It wasn’t wrong to love, it’s wrong to hold on when the love is gone or cannot be reciprocated. That causes bitterness.

Robert Husted

It’ll always feel like a mistake.

Eva Bodegon Echevarria

Its not a fault to love heartedly ..the fault is the one who loves heartedly without loving faithfully in return..😊☺

Danielle Zupkov Lyons

My head gets this but the rest of me still keeps blaming myself

Lou Clark

Too many nice people with good hearts get taken advantage of. It really is the other persons loss not the one with the good heart!

Liz Husting

This one hit very close to home for me. I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this is hard to believe at times but it’s the truth.

John Steven Grego

If your significant other dropped you like a hot brick but you didn’t do anything wrong, you are not the problem. They have mental issues. Avoid them like the plague.

Rich Tressler

Thank goodness for individuals who don’t appreciate others the way that they should. I’m am blessed to see and experience it for myself and make that person realize that they are definetely no mistake.

Ruth Enerson

Unfortunately you will experience a lot of hurt throughout you life, trick is how to push thru it… Not to let it discourage you, not to let it beat you up…

Cory Hosmer

That’s so beautiful like your heart. Your a angle to everyone. Anyone that can leave you in dust lost out. I’ll bring you some cigarettes and rock star… for my smoken rock star

Juanita Leavengood

Love can be magical and a sheer mystery…when you find someone Love Them with all your Heart and Soul…Loving a person on the inside as well as the Outside and you may just find Real Bliss~

Rea Aquinde Esto

Loving someone is not a mistake
But sometimes we gave everything to someone we love and did our best to prove how much we love them and we forget to love first our self
Loving is not a mistake it should be a lesson for anyone and that’s make us a strong and a better person in the future

Chokder Shakhawat Sultan

1 thing is wrong in this quote. I have done all the mentioned activities but only for 1 person (sad but true, I’m no longer with her). I tried doing the same for others but it never came out from heart. I mean, in my case I guess there is nothing like falling in love again. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for me I guess…

Divyansh Sharma

It’s never a mistake to love someone with all of your heart…it’s just that before loving someone try to find their intension of them being in your life…if you found for what they are…you’ll never ever be doing mistakes again.

Barrett Forberg

Wow. That one really hit home. My ex wife couldn’t/wouldn’t show me any respect or appreciation for everything I did for her. Instead she had to point out the things I couldn’t do because of lack of skill or knowledge. But now I’m with an amazing woman who appreciates the effort as much as anything else.

Justin Summers

No, I made a HUGE mistake!!!! I treated her like a princess …she even called me her prince, her knight in shinning armor!! Then she slew me with her dragon heart

Glan Dy

It is never mistake to love someone ..just give ur best to let them know how u truly love them .. if they leave u thats their choice

R Murukan Achary

I,have,not,mistake,defe ntly ,sometherelove