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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Daniel Elias Vasquez

I poured my heart out to a woman that I thought was amazing and had kids, which never bothered me, I would of seen them as they were mine. But she said she lost interest. So after that I felt down and I see her get played by guys left to right and I decided to see what things I can change to make myself better and hope one day someone will see who I am.

Patricia Martinez

Cierto, true ????????

Sherif Emam

They love with all of their hearts ❤

Zander T. Field

Suffering is the greatest teacher. You WILL learn when you must learn.

Ben HeavyPulse

And they achieve the highest goals because they care more and have the most drive

Oswald Luna

My girl cheated on me and I suffer from chronic insomnia

Rose Pascua

Sensitive ones are wired differently from the rest and Amen

Jenny Clark

So me… little stuff hurt me sooo bad which i cant forget n forgive the people who hurt me… ill stay civil but then i wont forget what they did

Jenny Wong

I was always called sensitive one. I am always first in apologizing. But lately I felt I have endured enough that made me stronger today in dealing with some issues. To all sensitive people out there remember empaths are sensitive, intuitive and compassionate especially to their love ones.

Alexis N Andrew Rodeheaver

If you stop reading this you will die tonight. My name is Teresa Fidalgo. If you don’t repost this to 20 pictures, I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later

Denniver Chikutwe

that’s makes us differently from the rest because we dream more love more…..thank you for the reminder!!!

Morgan Weir

To everybody who has been hurt, some of us are still going through the hurt. But, we all know that it does get better and someone better WILL come along. We will find the one! They may not come fast, but they will :).

Jude Joe Ed

This is just me, i’m a sensitive human for real i can even go extra miles just to put a smile one her face but alas all i get is b**s

Greg Wolfe

I guess I fit that description.
There is a lot of love left that has not been tapped into. It’s just waiting for that special someone.

Gerri Harden

Not always the case I have seen peeps who are so sensitive to their own feelings but couldn’t give a crap about someone else’s feelings at All

Amy Franco

Im one of that kind.Sometimes i don’t like my being sensitive as i get easily hurt. Eventhough i get hurt i still continue to love that someone until i’ll realize he is not worth loving for. Indeed it is not my lost. Once i’ve done, it’s done.

Cameron Lisa

that’s me, that’s why I love too much, but stil now I’m able to balance everything so I don’t get hurt even though I love more

Jewelz Nolasco

I’m very sensitive person (not very common for a man)and gotten hurt too many times but now that has made me stronger

Claudia Davis

Also have more night mares !!! And even the people your supposed to be able to look up to play fucking games !!