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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Carlos E. Rivera II

And that’s when the person that just wants to do what they want to do says your controlling. Smh

Donna Zak

Like maybe pray about it together! This goes both ways! Men don’t always have the final say! The woman’s view also must be just as important as her husbands, and often is just as logical and she’s runs the home! Her job is never none, according to the bible it is written she can also make investments she feels are beneficial! She is to be respected by her husband and vice versa! She too has knowledge and understanding has has egual rights! The man is according to the bible the head but the woman is the neck that can turn… Read more »

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

This doesn’t just apply to relationships it applies in general of knowing people. Putting others before yourself.

Patrick Brown

Always put yourself in their shoes. That’s the best way to see, if it would bother you then love them enough not to put them in the situation. ??

Jayne Crome

not quiet right that….u should respect and be totally loyal to the person u r in a relationship with, – but yet Feel free being with that person.

Haleh Flick

Amen! And that’s why there are so many divorces and separation in the world. People are so fixated to n their own need and not paying attention to the other ones needs!

Eventus Magister

No, they think about the other person…think the other person won’t find out….

Andrea Greene-Bessette

Sadly selfish ppl don’t realize this only think of themselves

Anthony Duchane

People need to respect each other and quit crossin boundaries cause they think they can “do whatever I want cause nobody “owns me”……set that bullcrap aside and have respect for your relationship! It’s time to grow up, settle down! Love ain’t a game, it’s a beautiful gift, a blessing from God(if you believe) that millions will never have the chance to experience, an everlasting love! So cherish it and quit foolin around Period! Your “fun” (clubbin, partyin, twerkin and grindin, gettin drunk, just bein indecent) is causin your partner to worry about you and outtin your partner in endless misery… Read more »

Brian David Kidd

Like most Men,
We feel that women need to see things this way to.
Most Men feel forgotten or Abused by selfish women.
Or women that refuse to hear what we say or how we feel as men.
Rather Women live on what they presume men think, feel & say rather than allowing men to be heard & understood.

Valerie Linares

That’s why singleness is a blessing. Yes, relationships have their perks, but it also comes with responsibility and accountability. Singleness has its perks too.

Ricky Hoyte

Its amazing finding all these qoutes reflecting what i been thinking and knowing for a long time. Really does help me not to feel alone and like the only person who thinks and knows what i do. ???

R J Ramírez López

It’s not a “Mine” relationship, it’s an “Our” relationship.

Jessica Dunning

Exactly!!! It’s not about just YOU anymore it’s about BOTH of you. Working together, depending on eachother, compromising, making eachother stronger & better.

Corey Natzke

Its nice to know im not the only one who thinks so. Alot of ppl get in a relationship with me claiming they’re ready for it, but dont understand this exactly.

Cindy Perez

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Oshy Barghati

Yes they don’t.. Some people take the other half for granted and say / do whatever they like , not considering the other feelings or demands.. The only ask and want for their needs and ignoring what the other one wants and needs unfortunately until they lose the big love they have for them and only then they will realize just when it’s already too late… ?

Stacey Koltonow

If what you genuinely want to do is something that would be hurtful to your partner, then go do it and set your partner free to find someone whose ideas of pleasure and excitement actually include and are exclusive to that partner. I do not want anyone who has to be nagged or coerced into being faithful thoughtful loving etc, but rather someone who WANTS to be good to me

Monica De Leon

Im working on that, I sometimes make plans without considering my significant other. When you’ve been on your own for a while it’s a transition for sure. Im very lucky to have an understanding and patient partner.

Yolanda Castillo

I personally feel that if you are in a relationship everything has to be equal….if you feel you don’t want to share and to do things together than there is no need to be committed…..just saying

Susan Polson

You want to live like your single, please don’t get married.