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Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Relationship Rules

Question was asked because not everyone is faithful and loyal these days, we get tons of messages full of breakup and divorce problems.

Tamichel Jacobs

I truly believe in being faithful & loyal. This is on my part. I Just recently left my partner…which I still love very much because he was unfaithful. I couldn’t take it. I did not for give him…because he was planning to keep that woman around & me!! I said to myself “I deserve better”. I like to love & get the same bk. I truly believe to have my sweetheart..one day?????❤❤❤❤❤❤

Nelson Fonseca

o but im about to lose faith on them. People are getting weirder and weirder with apps to make you feel like an article, a piece of meat or whatever at a supermarket. Sad, but true. There are no commitment, people are often used or using someone else. ?

Irma Del Portillo

Everyone believes now the doing is another concern. Very hard to stay faithful nowadays with all these temptations. Especially now that everyone is so open and don’t care if you’re in a relationship or married.

Bella Bella

I love a person deeply we give a promess to each other that we will be good the things is I still love him and loyal to him ND faithful,,,suddenly he stop everything till now I don’t know why I get really hurt I don’t understand why?! I didn’t take him as advantage I was honest with him no cheating I’m not doing something behind him bcos I do keep my word ND I’m scared from God BUT I find out that he has another lady which hurt me a lot but I do say one things I believe in… Read more »

Eric Rhynard

Hardly anyone I’ve ever met has the ability to stay faithful and loyal. Seems impossible to find nowadays….

Monica OBrien

It’s funny cause if they start a relationship both expect each other to be faithful and want each other to be faithful. But then one gets weak and cheats,but still would die if they find out the other one cheats also.

Jaki Hawkins

Secrets ruin a relationship and trust for the opposite partner but hurts both parties if the one keeping secrets truly loves that person as well

Lisa Clarke

if you can’t stay faithful then why stay with the person you are cheating on why not end the relationship and go with the person that has your interest in don’t get it, if you love someone and want to be with them why cheat and stay why not just end the relationship and both move on so that at least the person that you are cheating on has the chance of happiness with someone that with love them and be faithfull to them.

Stacey Clinton

My SO doesn’t. He sends
Texts about being naked to another girl but then wonders why I don’t trust him, or believe me when he’s says there’s is no one else or that he’s not flirting with anyone else…

Geo Chico Dpm

I do. I had my temptations but something deep strong always tells me…. Don’t do it. I don’t. Inside of me is always right.

Jules Brown

Very few!!! More & more people believe in lack of commitment & don’t have their priorities right but there is still hope with others striving for faithfulness?

David Olivo

I believe in this 100%
Its simple if your not happy or rather be doing things people’s Back and the one you say you “love” just walk aways cause there’s still people put there who believe in love ! I love my girlfriend she is my everything and I make sure she’s happy !

Ginna Garciano

That’s the only way to be..if not stay single. ..duh but always make it very clear to anyone that may be interested.

Relationship Rules

People, be faithful and loyal, life is pretty short you will get nothing from this temporary world, but if you stay loyal and faithful, this world will always remember you in good words.

Shelly Taylor

Always. Cheating is such a selfish act. If one or both parties is truly unhappy, they need to discuss the problems and see if they can/want to resolve them. Relationships take a lot of work and tossing your current partner aside for a new piece of ass is the most cowardly thing you can do.

Vanessa Lopez

And also respecting the relationship by not intentionally putting yourself in inappropriate situations… respect the relationship…respect your partner.

Kevin Harrison

No one believes anymore. They think that it is okay to cheat, like the other person won’t find out and be hurt by their betrayal. I wanted a family with my wife and I will not give that up. It’s hard work and determination on both parties ends though. People begin to look outside of the relationship they are in when they do not get the things that keep the relationship together. Love, respect, tokens of appreciation, acts of kindness, little notes in the morning or a text saying how you feel, deep and intimate talking, and what I enjoy… Read more »

Lori French

Once I find out someone is married or in a relationship they become less attractive to me. It is a self respect thing for me. I have to much self respect to be the “other ” woman.

Dawn McPherson

This isn’t hard to do when you are Mature, Know that a good relationship takes work, and love and respect your partner because they are worth it. ?

Shaheryar Shaikh

i dont when you give someone everything and they toss it away like nothing, something inside of you breaks.

Devotion Embrace

Oh yeah… Just so it’s clear,
” That is physically as well as emotionally/verbally… If you having romantic feelings with someone other than who you with, and your entertaining them and those thoughts… ” Than yes that means you”
“” Don’t need to hide anything that’s not wrong” But people tend to hide or, try to hide stuff they know is Wrong”?

Francisca Cruz

I truly believe in staying faithful, but it seems as though cheating is very common nowadays. It’s sad but that’s the way it is. 🙁

Ágúst Rúnarsson

Yeah, I am always faithful to the girl I am with. No matter the temptation, I don’t even let myself get into circumstances where I might talk to someone I might grow interest in, but even then I make sure I don’t get too close to them or show that much interest in them if at all. It is hurtful to know that even after a long time, even just 3 years, a person can go about and still do the wrong thing because of temptations they can’t resist, they can’t stop to think, “Wait a minute, what am I… Read more »

Bohuslav Blazko

without faithfull and loyality can be only relationshit…. just so simple….if people look out for others they shouldn’t be in relationship