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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Martin Torres III

I did this all the time to make sure our lil girl was on time to school and our baby boy at the baby sitter and to make sure my wife was at work safely and on time. And than I would go pick up our lil girl from school and than wait for about a hour to go get my wife from work park right outside the front door no matter if it was raining or snowing making sure she didn’t get wet or anything and always OPENED THE CAR DOOR FOR HER!!! and than go get our lil… Read more »

Louie John Patrick Cartaño

Mas uunahin nya panonood… or kung ano pa man bago ako. Goodluck saken

Brittanie Wyko

Unless you have kids – because your kids come first!

Araceli Arroyo

I wish everyone single man.would think.

Raven Aurora Callahan

I must not be all that valued or important, then. ?

Krys Johnson

Or their phone while you’re with them…

Sonia Enriquez

I remember that feeling long ago

Nell Mathis

Or be on the phone sending txt to your love one, instead of going to Facebook first all the time just to see who send you a comment…

Lisa M. Jones

I always drop everything for my man!

Bhikubhai Patel

Google on u mate. I did for my one too ,but I don’t know if she could see this & appreciate it. Bku.

Teea Uan

Im cutting back on this. Not everybody deserves my time and attention. People dont respect nowadays.

Pooneh Tanaeim

We all have a hectic life. Whether it’s raising a family , or financially taking care of a family or realizing you are doing it all. It’s all a gift. When someone truly “LOVES” you, they make time. If they don’t, they don’t “TRULY” love you.
You learnt this with great life lessons. Never force “L❤️VE”

Kevin Morton

Be careful about the conclusions you draw: they might be checking their calendar to know who they are cancelling on to be with you.

N Gayle West

My G is a police officer. Not a patrol officer, special ops in a highly volatile area. He is incredibly busy. He calls me every day, sometimes several times a day if our time to talk is cut short, some days only once, but he always calls. He calls me while he’s writing a warrant, heading across town, whenever there are a few minutes to spare. I always let him know how much I appreciate the way he makes time in his busy day to stay in touch with me. His answer, “I know how much it means to you,… Read more »

Brenda Piña

Yes, I love when someone never looks at their schedule when you need them, I do this all the time and wish people did it for me.

Aymee Tatom

No man has done this for me…instead it’s oh ill make time then he expects me to sit on my ass and wait for him,for 5 yrs??

Justin Kay

Exactly what I was thinking, all the time you put out for me babe has been just what i needed. Your oh so perfect in your ways of caring and sharing your time with me, I heart your existence and adore you in my life.

Heather Klink

Dammit. I am just trying to make my own life. It’s hard to let go. But maybe then my life will make more sense and go with GOD instead.
I didn’t mean to be mean. But anyone will have a bad attitude if you treat them poorly. Or don’t respect their goals in life.

Suvitra Segar

Sometimes they act busy only to us….hmmmm wat to do