Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Adriana Roman

You are better off single if the other person doesn’t respect, love and want the relationship as much as you do, talking is one thing, but really turning your old single life habits around in order to keep that person in your life is another

Barry Coe

Sadly, in today’s world it seems everything is disposable sweetheart. I raised you different and that is part of what makes you so wonderful. If relationships were always paved highways, it would be easy. It’s finding that person who will help you get back on the pavement after you find things out in the weeds that is the challenge in today’s world. I love the person you are, but you have to learn to protect yourself too if necessary. Give everything to your relationship, but expect something in return. I love you!

Bob Bee

Well things can be worked out except lack of communication and feeling as if the person you are with wants to be apart of his friends family so bad he forgets the one he helped create. (Meaning kids birthdays don’t care, holidays whatever, spouses birthday oh well but dang you said its his best friends birthday better throw a party and make sure you buy a gift for the friends kids parties). Guys need to understand that shit don’t fly!

Tin Larcher

It surely is the most hurtful and a coward and weak way to do to a person you say u love and as she put up with all your abuse … Knowing now and how torn apart and such unkindness to treat a person this way it was so clear in every way to see the true colors u have shown us how worthless and toxic you were and i just couldnt see clear anymore as u scared us . Im happy u walk out cause i had no more energy as u all took it from me trying to… Read more »

Natashia Smith

It takes courage to stay and accept that there are things amiss in your relationship. However, if the love is there it should be worth fighting for. If it’s not then walking away is the right thing to do. It’ll hurt both parties, but there is life after love 💔

Harvey Adamson

The marriage stats are not to be envied anyway , 50% divorce , of the 50% still married at least 30% are there for the house , joint assets , or too scared to go on their own , leaves approx 20% ” in love ” ? . There is always the option to stay single , make your own decisions , chose your own life , if you want a relationship that needs to be worked on ? Don’t 🙂 .

Tony Pleasant

Things have to go wrong, give your partner something to work for, and a goal to reach. Nothing is perfect, it takes time to get even close but be understanding and patient. Not one person is the same there are going to be things you don’t like about each other, but enjoy the things you love the most. Every day is a blessing and another opportunity for the both of us to please our partner. # Susan Marie

B.j. Eddinger

Communication and talking things out between each other in a relationship is a very good way to build your confidence up in yourself and your partner.

Lisa Clarke

but when you seem to be the only one working at it and the other person just walks in and out of your life and you are only there for when it suits them and you can’t just ring them day or night or just pop round to see them. when you are his secret. it’s time to move on be strong and tell them you are worth more than being an option and if they not willing to work on it why should you.

Harris Kreloff

I’m going through a very hurtful breakup right now and I feel like such a fool cause I did everything for her i loved her for who she was flaws and all. I accepted things I would never except from other people because I cared so much about her. Then about a month ago she just leaves after a 8 month relationship. I know it wasent the longest relationship but I really loved and cared about her. I’m 37 and she’s 24 a little of an age difference I know but the way she just left no explanation no nothing… Read more »

Brandi Chemerika

I agree that it depends on what the wrong doing is. This quote is true but very broad. Where there is disrespect, verbal, emotional or physical abuse or anything in that regard, get out before it’s too late. Of course if your partner is self aware and understands this type of behaviour needs to change then yes, stick around and be a support through the process if you can, but remember, actions speak louder than words.

David Harp

If you always got to try an make a relationship work. Maybe it’s not supposed to be one. Cause it’s just going to make you unhappy all the time. (UNHAPPY)!!!!!!

Syed Muhammad Antiq

most people think it’s a joke. Most people do not have the courage to stand up to the issues in the relationships. If you claim to love someone act like it. You might walk away but some one might just stand there clueless for the rest of their life.

Sandra May Warner

Hah. I kept telling him what was wrong. He just sat there and drank another cask of wine.

No point if you’re talking to a brick wall. And if they can’t fix it while you’re in the relationship. Why oh why would you go back or hang around. Waiting for that elusive. OH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’VE CHANGED. you made me better. ..Yeah thanks. No thanks.

I’d rather leave a guy like that and hope he changes his ways to be better for the next girl.

Mike Hayner

A lot of relationships are based on the wrong principles these days. I hear so often…I’m not going to stay in this relationship because the sex isn’t any good, or they stay in the relationship just because the sex is good. There’s other factors that need looked at. Like connection in other areas such as mental, and emotional connection. Those are the connections that create real love. You never give up on real love. You compromise, and grow as a couple. You have to communicate with each other. You do that, and the relationship will last and it’ll be based… Read more »

Betsy Miranda

So true a relationship or marriage is like a job!! Everyday work.unfortunetely some are to ignoret to know tgat.oe 2 coward.so they find the easiest way.which is to walk out.grow up fools,if you can’t handle a relationship then don’t start one

Adriana Roman

Also remember that some people are so insecure about themselves that they cause issues and fights in a relationship so that they feel better about themselves when you beg to come back, that feeling of power they have over another person makes them feel fantastic about themselves,

Mami  Hashimoto

It’s true but if everytime something goes wrong by same reasons and nothing is getting better. Then, I’m sorry. :/

Melanie Fletcher

Depends what that wrong is. If it’s cheating, bye.

Tyrelle Dawkins

Yes i can. Now isnt the time to sit And try to explain yourself nor your long Term Standards and Goals, or Values. If this stuff isnt seen or respected for what it is…Its Time to walk.😉

Daniel Coles

I don’t even know what a relationship is!

Reena Maldita

When you have exerted efforts way beyond your known limit, it’s time to reflect and think where it’s going