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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Warda Shahid

But it hurts when suddenly things change and the joy turns into pain and it hurts more than we ever felt happy this is life we forget them anyway but memories never fade away Wounds heel but scars always stay there reminding us of what we have been through.

Melissa Davis

Mike Navarro. I will never regret meeting u even if its short lived

Bim Roa

Because of manipulation

Ahmed Usri

I wish all of people think like u guys

Jim Rink

Would rather live the good unforseen future !

Aaron Conyers

I’ll always remember the beginning…. but after a while people always show their true colours!

Anthony Adams

I’d rather just move on and keep going. You don’t always have to look back.

Hamza Akhachab

A year ago we stayed late texting untill 2 or 3 am .that make me realy sad i cant move on

Divyansh Sharma

“Remember the good times and smile that it happened”
This is the hardest part for anyone to do when they lost that person who changed them for good!

Jonathan Hamrick

Great advice. Not sure I even cross her mind, but she makes me smile all the time. When I see her I still get butterflies, I get flustered and don’t know what to say. So glad I met her. She awakened a part of me I forgot many years ago.

Harris Kreloff

I’m going through a very hurtful breakup right now and I feel like such a fool cause I did everything for her i loved her for who she was flaws and all. I accepted things I would never except from other people because I cared so much about her. Then about a month ago she just leaves after a 8 month relationship. I know it wasent the longest relationship but I really loved and cared about her. I’m 37 and she’s 24 a little of an age difference I know but the way she just left no explanation no nothing… Read more »

Mary Jones

It has taken most of my life time to realize this post
It is definitely true but I still can’t figure out why some of these people did hurtful things to me
But I’ve learned a lot about people in the last 6 years ??

Anthony Perez

The problem with relations at this day and age and back then is they know how to get in but dont know how to get out if y hv communication skils in the beggining and talk to mates that makes them tick during the relation and dislikes of the relation and not try to have communications skills wont survive the trechous relationwill find them selves back to square one in another relationship..remember comunecation skills r the factor of all relation

Connie Belandres Vandenhaak

Exactly what I feel about someone right now. If I make him happy and leave a positive impact in his life, then I accomplished something.

David Cooper

It’s a beautiful thing when two people path crossed and strangers become lovers due to their passion for one another. Nothing is guarantee but I would hope the couple will do everything possible to keep that desire for one another going on so the relationship will last. It’s a shame when those strangers fall in love but the passion or desire doesn’t last cause someone took the other spouse and the relationship for granted due to one appreciate being in love but got to comfortable

Pooneh Tanaeim

I’m grateful my path crossed with my love❤️?. He’s my bright light :). ✨✨✨✨✨✨?. I’m his bright light. The moment my healing hands touch him, he will feel uplifted and happy. Many people tell me my energy is calming and healing.??. I am love❤️. I’m devoted to my love. I happy we are in love. It’s only good times I desire. I know we will have ups and downs… It’ll be ok. I’m forgiving, and everyday is a new day. #soulmates#bff#firstkiss#joonjoon

Anthony Adams

If a person felt they needed to be remembered, they should’ve stay or something!!!