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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Phyllis Bull

It took what seems a lifetime but after 52 years I have found such a love! Don’t settle for less than you want and deserve. There IS someone out there that is perfect for just YOU! ?

Shabana Munshi

This is so beautiful❤️
But i believe is not for everyone !!

Monica White

I hope I fall in Love with someone who has enough respect for me to call and not text. Because they miss the sound of my voice, not my typing skills ?

Ntombi Dayimani

I receive.. I have faith cause I’m in process of praying for that kind of love….. I believe, it is possible…. Amen

Beatrice Beltran-Donahue

Kali Monroe I hope this comes soon! I consider you my friend and I wish and pray for the best for you and blythe! Xos I’m here for you any time!

Faye Pini Merdian

I have never found this in my lifetime, but believe it does exist and pray for it for my Children and Grandchildren! 😉

Austin Campbell

What a wonderful post to wish for yourself and others. While some of the comments are a bit heartbreaking, it’s endearing and hopeful to see all of the love.

Anolay Carrion

Vanessa Colón I hope you feel like your wanted and loved each and everyday! I am so happy with you and it’s amazing that I fall in love with you over and over again! You are my best friend and the woman of my dreams!

Charles Gathers

Why couldn’t she love me like this? I hate that we started out so well and ended up where she took my money and slept with someone who. I hate how it feels it’s been over a month and I still have a broken heart

Vicky Varelas

I have yet to find this but I do believe in it! I do pray my son finds and feels that kind of love. Some may think….me mentioning my son is out the blue but he is what I think of when it comes to LOVE! He will truly know how to except and give his heart away. ✌?️??

Karen Allen

after 45 years my husband still does these things, he has ben there for me no matter what. he is my soulmate and best friend

Jessica Mangrum

He found this with me last year and cheated me for something that isn’t even close. He was that for me until he decided how I feel based on his thoughts, not my actions, and started treating me differently while sneaking with her. I still love him,will stand by his side if he needs, will remain honest to him, and accept everything, good or bad, with him.

Eddster Espinoza

take all that and turn it around and ask yourself can you do that for somebody else? is this really what’s expected of you to feel complete? and are these reasonable expectations?

Kim Schmidt

Sadly not many like that anymore. And ones who do have that kinda of love. Hold on tight. That kinda of love is so rare.

Chris Valenzuela

Found Her Dec 2004, married her 2009, had a son with her 2012, fell in love with her all over again every single day since then.

Sheila Esperanza Lmt

I just found someone who loves me just like in this poem and I am grateful.