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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cindy Thompson Martinez

Pain is also an opportunity to grow, learn more about yourself and what you want out of life and love. What you will and will not accept in relationships, whether friendships or romantic. The last time I was hurt in a romantic relationship, I took two years away from dating, learned about myself, what I wanted – the first list began with what I did not want, great way to start.

Lynda Agbaka

Very true. You get so heart broken that you feel the best way out is to shut everyone out…. But it’s always good to deal with it focusing on present and staying positive in your thinking. My pains transformed me, made me stronger than I used to be.

Uyen Nguyen

No it doesn’t. Pain forces me to stand up on my own feet, learn how to truly trust genuine people, careless of negativities, and open my heart to welcome LOVE from those who love me. In my darkest moments, I promised myself I wouldn’t let the pain, bitterness, negative thoughts change my soul. So I committed on reconnect with friends, family, love ones; for the first time, I genuinely care about them, never allow myself to raise my voice or have negative attitude toward others. I did laugh, love, care, enjoy my life while Feeling every inch of my pain.… Read more »

Pooneh Tanaeim

It’s always best to deal with focusing on today. Focus on the present. Stop torturing yourself, cause somebody from the past fucked you over. Those who betrayed our trust had there own issues. It wasn’t us. Cheaters will never change . The lessons we learned are priceless.

Lisa Brennan

I have to say my truth is different pain has helped me grow. In relationships in health. In leadership if there is no challenge no pain no challenge. Then where is the gain. Effort should have payback it should be part of the relief of pain

Michelle Christian

Pain makes it where no matter how hard you try, you can never go back to the person you once were. You never trust the same, love the same, or have the same faith in love & life like you once did. Overthinking, Overanalyzing, & Insecurity becomes your new normal.

Lori Garringer

OR it makes you stronger and more sensitive to those around you in pain so that you can reach out to them AND more sensitive to not hurting others the way you have been hurt. Make your pain be a positive in your life not a negative.

Tahreem Rathore

That pain can also lead u towards transforming into a more caring+ considerate human who learn to empathise with others rather than seeking sympathy by doing self – pity all the time.

Susan Jurgensen

Growth is painful…..pushing thru it and learning from it is growth. Shutting others out is an easier path but self destructive. Freedom is feeling again or your a prisoner to pain.

Harris Kreloff

I’m going through a very hurtful breakup right now and I feel like such a fool cause I did everything for her i loved her for who she was flaws and all. I accepted things I would never except from other people because I cared so much about her. Then about a month ago she just leaves after a 8 month relationship. I know it wasent the longest relationship but I really loved and cared about her. I’m 37 and she’s 24 a little of an age difference I know but the way she just left no explanation no nothing… Read more »

Kaustav Deb

Metamorphosis ain’t that bad.. specially when it helps u get over what u feel helplessly addicted to..and gives u the strength to forgive the unforgivable…

Laura Mathews Henry

For some of us it changes us for the best… our character is molded and shaped through pain, we become people of greater depth and have more empathy for others. We also become free, no longer bound to the opinions of others, we live for an audience of one- God- and His opinion is the only one that matters! Pain has helped me to judge less, love more, but to have healthier boundaries at the same time! It is through pain that I’ve found my strength!

John Mork

Sorry Jenn don’t see Those attributes in you, I see a child of God daughter, wife, mother, an even handed supervisor who we love to work for and with, speak life and love over your life and your loved ones, even if you don’t feel like it that’s a big part of the battle!! You are loved, more than that you are worthy of being loved, pass that on like i see you do often,, that is success.

Syed Muhammad Antiq

Pain is a blessing. Rumi says a wound is where the light enters your soul. So let yourself rip apart. Things happen for a reason. You will get through this. Doesn’t matter how much broken you are but you will be okay. Just keep going.

Tequila Turner

It can make you do these things. Resist to shut down, see people and things for what and who they are and make better decisions. Pain is apart of life. Reflect, heal and move forward with your best foot. Don’t stay there. LEARN

Cristina Glifonea

indeed!! pain also makes u stronger and wiser..wise enough to choose the right person to trust & love…

Charnelle Stöhrer

Very true. You get heartbroken, build yourself back up or take a hit to your self esteem. Then you lose hope and trust in yourself and others. Sucks each time and hurts so much. But the process is a part of rebuilding yourself and taking another chance somewhere down the road. I think most believe that what they desire is out there but doubt can do you in. Makes you overthink or push away both potentially good and bad mates.

Valerie Linares

Pain can be a good thing and a bad thing. Yes, a broken heart hurts like nothing else. But when we have a broken heart we can either learn from it and move on or become bitter because of it. CHOOSE to learn from it – not stew in bitterness!

Robb Correll

Yep that would be me & and yes they say growing can be painful but also after you spent the majority of your life with chronic pain growing isn’t necessarily what’s going to happen

Heather Rodgers

Trust until they all prove themselves wrong with their talk of bs on themselves and lies on me I don’t feel pain so think your own bs

Yves Duran

Only if you let those things change you. We can learn to be cautious without depriving ourselves of our true feelings for people…

Barb Sjoblom

Wish you strength and happiness that you see good things will come your way. Maybe a Grandma hug would help ….here it comes love you

Kim Schmidt

Yes but they should not let it defy who you turn into. If you chose to be bitter..and down right cruel…then your life will go no where real fast. You have to be strong!!! And not let this hurt the one you say you love!!

Joyce Stewart

I don’t agree with the trust less part. Not sure about overthinking. Is there a graft for that? How much thinking is ok, and when does it become over the line? Shutting people out. If that is not crying or cringing in front of your children, as to relieve them of worry, then sure. Go in another room and release your pain. If it means not calling 911 or letting your doctor know, then that’s just dumb.

Abbi Williams

this is true for me,, like a ‘why bother’ attitude but then I remove myself from the REALITY of these feelings and give myself.