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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kim Schmidt

very true…no effort…he dont want you but same goes with women as well. sad men and women play games with anothers heart.

Melissa Hudson-Soltau

You should also treat your man with respect, love understanding. It’s not just his job it’s a job done together!

Moses Jones

Not true….a man will NOT do anything to keep a woman around if a woman is continually disrespectful and don’t know how to treat a man!

Anthony Adams

It shouldn’t even get to this. Why we have to not only do “Anything”, yet this quote makes it seem as if we have to do everything. She can get off her emotional distress and put forward some effort.

Wilma Dean Franklin

u righjt honey if a man truely loves a woman HE will do anythang to keep her..women just cant compete with certain thangs..

Jhanzaib Khan

i want a lady who want a romantic relationship like i want.

Nevine Ibiary

No men ARE stupid anyways loooooo

Gord Hallock

Yup done that and tried that. Just to witness on my ex fiancé cell phone her searching for her ex bf.

Ngozi Ruth

If men are stupid DAT means d women are stupid 2 & it means d man u are getting married to is stupid,we need to luv each other.A man can do any 4 his wife & it fall bk to d woman 2

Aimée Kaser

Problem is when they’ve put you through so much that they are riddled with guilt, which creates a wedge in the first place. It’s a double whammy. They say they’re sorry for hurting you time and again, and you give them the benefit of the doubt, yet they continue to do it and drive the wedge deeper. Then their guilt skyrockets and overtakes them to the point they know they can’t live with themselves. So there’s no choice but to go so the cycle stops, to save both involved from further heartache.

Sam Otto

Why are these always gauged towards a man having to make the effort and sacrifice and do a dance to impress and keep a woman. Women play games… keep you on the back burner, manipulate… How about we look at approaching the situation as if men and women are equal – in value, obligation, and responsibility.

Rajo Saleem

I think first whole people not thinking that fight but strat good Inderstanding true loving n caring not playing woman n man I think God give u whole happiness whole people go to good n healthy relationship

Chayeé Maldonado

If man really loves his women, he’ll never do something to hurt her


Yes i supported you.for me too are men in the world is stupid.but they have feeling too why not?When we are girls ask men .whats wrong?

Martha Navarro

True to an extent. Also, terrifying. The controlling and abusive ones will also do anything to keep a partner around. A man who loves you will support you, build your confidence, care for you, offer his trust and respect. With a bunch more things.

Frank Mather

So now from the man’s side. Make sure that you communicate positive, kind, supportive, friendly, empathetic and compassionate messages to your man far more than critical, negative, angry and unfriendly messages. Give to your man more than you take. Form the habit of giving, serving, pleasing and nurturing. You cannot take more than you give, or you risk drying up the reservoir of good will. Be more fun. Find one or two fun things to do every week that the two of you can do together. Kids can join in, but not all the time. A couple needs some alone… Read more »

September Green

You can take it both ways, men or women, aren’t stupid, just the person who is ignorance to how they are being treated! Everyone should be treated with respect, most of all love!

Chris Brown

And women say this to get what they want out of a guy not caring about HIS happiness. Why don’t these shitty sayings ever target women? Because women make them.

Ram Tah

A man shouldn’t have to do “anything” to keep a woman around she should want to stick around as well. Relationships are mutual effort. Well they should be.

When men make comments like “oh she’s so high maintenance” This is why.

No wonder women take advantage of men a lot too. Because of posts like this.

Scott Dorr

A stupid man will do “anything” to keep you around. Who comes up with this stuff!??? For a worthy woman a smart man will do what it takes to make the relationship grow, and sometimes, what it takes, is not always what the woman wants, but what is needed.

Jennifer Williams

A man who wants you will respect you the same way that he respects God. Women are the daughters of God and deserve to be treated as such!!

Sandra May Warner

Unless he’s emotionally abusive. Then he’ll try to use that. Or make promises he can’t keep to have you stay.

Rishabh Gupta

yeah!! a man is very sincere, if he says he’ll fix it, He will , there is no need of reminding him., every six month?

LaToya Scurlark

Very true! Plan and simple. Distance and timing don’t matter you’re either interested or not. No games

Chris Smith

Yeah, but everybody’s fighting over who should start giving it their all first, men or women – or whomever. And then it often becomes a competition with some people, or you have to try to out-do the last great thing you did to even see an effect. So many obstacles AFTER the fact.