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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Susan O'Connell Casares

Let him know he is your priority too. You need have balance.

Sidarth Gurung

Why do we have to keep reminding someone how much we love someone? I mean they know we do right? ‘SOMETIMES’ is okay. ‘KEEP ON’ will be eerie and disrespectful for ‘LOVE’. We ain’t a note to remind em..

Bobby Fletcher

But if u have to remind her dumb ass that she’s a priority and u actually take action to make her priority, but the dumb ass can’t see that for herself? YOU NEED TO CUT IT!!!!!!! That’s amricas issue now with these females. Trippin cuz a man got so much shit on our plate and we might forget to do some simple shit…wtf

Kirsten Goodner Chapman

What the heck? I am a woman but completely disagree that the man has the responsibility to keep the relationship on course. SHE should do the same. Ugh. I don’t need to be coddled. If she does, it’s a personal problem.

Debra Carver

It’s very important that your partner feels secure as well as yourself. Some people just can’t understand how important the small things make the most impact!

Claude Royster

This is a two way street and should apply to both! If it is not be reciprocated by both parties, then it will likely create imbalance in the relationship.

Jennifer McAninch

No one is someones , property yez you my give your all and show how much you love them… but you are your own. Only give your love to someone that is willing to give it back

Steena Dascenzo

Loyalty is rare these days. I should’ve been born in a different time when men actually respected women. Can’t find it anywhere

Kim Schmidt

Again too true…some too selfish to see or understand this concept. Sad to lose someone so loyal and genuine over stupidity

Micah Seth Seerattan

Yes because men are the source of all problems in a relationship ??

Steve Michael

Hahaha then she goes behind your back and talks to other guys. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a loyal person anymore. And people wonder why people are broken and heartless.

Glenn Rivera

What a load of crap.my wife walked out on me and the kids for more dick.she had a husband that loved her and never laid a finger on her.told her every day that I loved her.had everything a brand new house paid off,a husband and kids that loved her, still wasn’t enough.

Geoffrey Costa

It’s a slippery slope. On one hand, you should always communicate your love and understanding, but if your partner needs you to validate their narcissism; you are already in a bad relationship.

Aegeus C. Alastair

Oh shaddap, that’s bull crap. You can try to prove yourself as much as you can, if she doesn’t trust you now, she never will! If she doesn’t believe you now, she never will! You can’t spend your whole entire life reassuring her that you love her. Although I do agree that you should never stop showing her that you do, if she constantly questions your love for her, she’ll never fully believe that it is true. And it has nothing to do with you. It’s between her and her past. You can try your best, but you’re human, and… Read more »

Alec Gassaway

I think I lost my relationship because if this. I let her know I really cared for her. I loved her. But she said she couldn’t feel the same…

Fatima Raf

It’s all about balance in a relationship, and communication. It’s nice to be reminded, women need re assurance and so do men.

Crystal Roberta Ramos

It goes both ways in a relationship. Not just one sided. If you find yourself before your true love you should have no problem finding what you want and deserve. Took me 38 years to find my person

Elba Roman

Person needs to know where they stand in a relationship, but sometimes they take you for granted, and if you show to much attention they egnore you.

Pamela Anne

My parents have been married for almost 50 years & my Dad still holds the umbrella for my Mom when she walks to the car in the rain. Then he goes back inside to wonder how much she’s going to spend on Lottery tickets…but hey 50 years!? They must be doing something right ❤️

Sheku K Kabba

Sometimes giving your all to someone,making them your priority and reminding them from time to time how much you care,don’t only disappear problems in your relationship but rather make take your love for granted…
Sometimes you just have to be your own priority,let them miss you…
If you’re always there,they would take you for granted with the hope that you will never leave them.

Kris Reino

For me that depends on the receiver if she would feel the same way, if not, then all ur efforts will ended up to nothing.