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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sasha Albright

That is what has happened with me!! My crush from elementary school and l reconnected after 15 years and he confessed he had been secretly in love with me for 20+ years ♡ 😀 ♥ we are now in a relationship!!

Hector De La Cruz

The feeling of that love is like no other. Sometimes you doubt it because it’s crazy how things work out. Some people say, ” you weren’t supposed to happen” or ” this wasn’t supposed to happen” well it happened for a reason..

Keith Burton

Living that right now, she was the prettiest girl in high school and I knew I didn’t have a chance to get with her.

Kathy Mae Manalo Angeles

For some this could apply but for me it’s not. Giving someone every effort of mine is something I regret up to this time. We loved, we fight. I love him, he cheated and we broke up.

Stella Crockett

That’s what I thought, but I guess it’s not.

Alex Krstanovic

Hope to find out one day

Sheen Kathrine

Ah yeah that’a really sweet 🙂

Mike Weeks

Or when the oven makes that ding sound letting you know your pizza is done

Clyde Parker

Bonnie Parker im blessed with you my baby girl. it’s the best feeling to wake up every day and go to sleep every night knowing without an ounce of doubt, that i am loved by, and in love, with an amazing and gorgeous girl like you <3 <3