Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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John MV Smith

Don’t say that. You haven’t considered that maybe they just don’t know what to do. Or they themselves don’t know how because they have never been comforted themselves….

James Fordham

If you are truly in love you know when the other is upset without a word being spoken it’s called being emotionally connected you feel them no matter where you are in the world. And to go to sleep either being mad or not knowing a change in the atmosphere maybe you don’t know them as well as you think you do.

Arlene Stressel

I guy I was recently seeing always told me to text when I got home so he’d know I got home safely. He’d always answer me no matter what time it was The last night we saw each other, he didn’t say that but I told him I would let him know when I got home. He did not answer until the next morning. Very unlike him but I figured he was just tired. Never heard from him again. Guess I should’ve seen the signs but I refused to believe he’d let me go…

Diana Bowman

This is true in all relationships. Familial, romantic, friendships….

K Rhett Buchanan

Just happened to me… now I’m wondering how to make things better for us but my significant other would rather yell at me then not realizing it, apologize for a couple times if I’m lucky. I am putting everything I have into this. The question is whether or not my partner is as far as our feelings go.

Stacy Thomacos Dlubac

Hence the inevitable divorce…

Kathryn Aziz

That’s not true.. My man knows I’m sleeping on the couch cuz I’m extremely frustrated at him.. He didn’t try to stop me but deep down, he still cares for me..

Fritz Brothers

I care more than my cupcake will ever know want nothing to ever happen to my cupcake and my arms are always open for her every second of every day

Sharon Drake

Sometimes……even if you don’t know what to do. …..a hug is very comforting. Anyway….if they really don’t know what to do?? How would it be so very easy just to go to sleep??

Jake Dragon

Haven’t slept in months. More like passing out. At some point you just give out. Then the first thought of the day is about you.

Seshanna Hosenfeld

Or, you could stop waiting for someone else to always be the person to save you, to put you back together, to fix it all, or to make it all better. Even the person who loves and understands you best can only do so much for you; you yourself have to step up to comfort, heal, and care for yourself. There’s a difference between people not caring at all and being so codependent that your feelings become your partner’s fault or responsibility, and the only one who should be responsible for your feelings is you.

Angie Day

Maybe they work so hard they are exhausted. If someone says they love you you shouldn’t have to constantly reminded. Love yourself and know God loves you too. Gods love is always the same. If you feel alone talk to The Lord. Tell HIM your hurts and don’t expect your partner to read your mind. People will disappoint you even someone who really loves you. There is no perfect person or relationship. Only Jesus Christ was perfect. So forgive 7×70 or just be ready to be single. Sometimes peace is better than being right. And usually it takes loosing people… Read more »

Mike N Sandra Medrano

Right!! Actions do speak louder than words even when your mad at someone u should still show u care.

Jaime Faye Booth - Jennings

when its your own fault why they lost a reason to care, and Your the only one to fix it but you wait to long to fix it, who can blame that person for loosing interest in caring, i am in a situation like that now, i wait way too long to fix things and now he doesn’t care the connection is gone, and i am trying my hardest to fight for him to see that i am trying now and i am fighting to make it , right i am begging him and God to give me one last… Read more »

Jeff Elkind

My ex went to bed before I got home on my late night, and pretty much every day. She slept fine when I was sad and up looking at the dark all night. She stopped talking to me. I can’t prove it but someone took my place. So I stood aside and let her leave. I won’t hide in a corner. My heart is open for someone who belongs there.

Kelly Wright

This is awful. If I am crying, while it is nice for someone there to comfort me, ultimately, it is up to me to comfort myself – they’re my emotions and if I give them to someone else to take care of, then I give them power over when I feel better. This is so codependent it’s not even funny and it makes people question otherwise good relationships because we expect the other person to always fulfill us.

Lea Bri

I sure am by myself and I’ll never ever be in no type of relationship ever ever in my life. Sorry but that’s my final answer alex

Syeda Sajju Ali

Yeah… if you love someone how can you see them cry? How can you call their crying fake? How can they think that we are crying to manipulate them to gain sympathy? This shows how ruthless, self centered and mean they are. If one can’t love sincerely n deeply how the hell can they judge the ones who love with all their heart n soul?

Patricia Garcia

Well you could be waiting for someone to get home and you fall asleep. It doesn’t mean you don’t care it means you’re human. That’s why I just tell people text me when you get home. I can’t control my eyes sometimes

Melannie Cummings

Sometimes we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Though we ourselves feel hurt, they may be going through something more than ourselves at the moment. True love will care for there welfare before our own. It’s not always easy and there are those cases our there where there are heartless, cold hearted, inconsiderate people. So everyone’s situation is always different.

Melissa Ashby

Read it better people! For those who are saying they may be exhausted… These people who supposedly don’t care or love you are wide awake when these things are happening but drift off to sleep KNOWING they are happening. If you don’t understand what you’re reading, then re read it till you get it. It’s there in plain sight. No excuses needed.

John W Parker

I never sleep, but you do except when you’re “working after 10pm or “going to the gym” at alte hours or into the morning.