Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Robyn Ranson-Van Wagenen

Or your husband Will start “flirting” with girls online .

Shannon Mccart Arvidson

I agree! You should always treat each other as special as if 1,000 were lined up, to out do you and take your partner from you. 🙂

Esraa Wooky

Pass the boyfrind level first
Then start talking about married people

Matt Boor

Yep. Last night my wife told me that something looked good on paper. I slid a sheet of paper under her and said, “Yeah. Well, so do you.”

Amro T. Temraz

That’s right but sometimes one of the parts bored on the basis that they are couple so no need for this attitude

Kipp Lewis

thats how to keep your relationship going 🙂 keep doing the stuff you did to get her to keep her

Janette Mcmanners

It will help keep your marriage alive.

Solja Fo ChRist Davis

men should flirt with their wives also

Claire Bickerdike

Just remember to make it your current wife not your ex wife….

MsDenise Holiday

I am so very lucky and extremely blessed to be with my fella over 8 years and can truly say, we grow more in love and happier each day.

Candace Renee

Jason Sigston once your my husband I still won’t stop showing you how much I love you and I definitely won’t stop flirting with you; )

Rebekah Trail

Hey can everything on this site not be male female? My relationship rules me (female ) with my wife. I love her much more than my xhubby

Kenny Rush

Yep! When a woman stops flirting with her man, she is inviting another woman in the marriage. She gotta think to herself how important is my man to me???

Michael Page

When you’re with the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world that you love to death this is easy to do!!!!

Kali L. ShadowBorne

its been a while..i do long distance but seeing as how im going in 2 days to spend some much deserved time w my man for 2 months ill be sure to flirt. but i wont hold my breath. seeing as how he loves his gaming more. lolz. i am a gamer myself but i also know to drop the controller and gib a a lil luvvin hahahahaha

Elaine Branscome Vance

Many marriages fail due to this,don’t take love for granted or it vanishes

Karie Gries

Or it’s like that in the beginning of the relationship and then it all changes and then you just take each other for granted

Mildred Loatman

We go to the movies every Friday night. Then out for coffee and ice cream talking about everything . It’s our date night!

Sammy Jane

I will NEVER get married my kids are my number 1 and they have been hurt enough by ppl brought into a little family circle!

Tyler Borchardt

What if i date my husband and flirt with my wife? Lol