Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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April Saldivar

I won’t give up but I won’t wait forever neither. I won’t fill like he’s pulling me in just to push me out. One day I’ll have enough because he doesn’t know what he wants or is scared of what he wants.

Mustapha Mokdad

never regret onnlove

Jamaal Hayes

Paris Ballard I’ll never give up on you

Kevin Edwards

Chelsea Edwards I’m waiting on you babe

Cameron Lisa

ill wait for you michael wetterman if you will wait for me. but then i just want u to be happy. im prepared for the future best or worst am stronger and tougher:)

Audelia Colis

there is a time you know you should give up…than regretting for waiting for nothing…

Mikey Johns

But like they say… Always worth the wait ❤️

Russell Ledet

I never give up. Sometimes I have to restructure my plan, but even the strongest tree will bend in order not to break.

Dianna Wheeling

Their is a time when you have to say enough and think about yourself for once. People like this that keep you working working but are not in return are not the ones to keep working or wasting your time on. Life is to short. 18 years of marriage, I put up to much hoping, wasn’t until he cheated that I was finally done. Then he decided to change, by that time it was to late. 18 years of damage took its toll and the cheating made it rock bottom. Don’t deal with it, their negative energy will consume you,… Read more »

Adi Dz

It’s u reading this is because if time to move on

Jason Latiolais

I’m not the one that gave up! My whole life has been one big regret!!

Marleny Molina

Exactly..And life is too short.Never live in regret.

Gord Hallock

To bad my ex fiancé would fought a little harder and stood by my side instead of searching for her ex boyfriend

Anita Page

I will never give up on my husband. Come Saturday we will be married 22 years but been together 24. I miss him so bad that I’m in physical pain.

Bikrom Boruah

Don’t need to wait because no man is Hercules….and for boys no woman is Hebe….don’t let your self esteem and confidence go low….try to achieve something in life than to be gotten played by your Hormones….this is nothing but your hormones….which prompts everyone for short term lust ….F**k this bulls**t LOVE….the best feeling is Honour of achievement….no matter how small or big it is….

Greg Nowell

The only thing that sucks is when the girl u were with had a bad self image of herself. See my thing is I wanna be the best person I can be towards everyone. I’m moving and I know there is nothing I can do that will change it because I can’t force someone to see there worth regardless of the potential some might feel I have to help others. I’m moving so its like just wanted to let her know I appreciated her regardless how much she disliked me. My first girlfriend I was 24 but had plenty of… Read more »

Alan Pickersgill

You can spend your life waiting for what you really want but you can also waste your life waiting for that one thing you will never have.

Anna Cruz

But what if he doesn’t want me, and all the whole time I’m waiting in vain.