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Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Donnie Odom

Sad i fell inlove with the wrong one… Did nothing but treat me wrong.. Always wanted someone i can share my love with. I want something real but unfortunately half the people are fake and lie just to get what they want. Being nice gets you taken advantage of. Life sucks

Yerrie Vue

I can’t wait to find someone that I can’t fall in love with and the feelings are mutual

Annette Rodriguez

Yeah it’s not easy to Fall in and out of love

Tyler Mowatt

You can’t help who you fall in love with!!

Ora Achach

I’m having a real shit time getting over my ex and finding someone….

My self esteem is affected….and I am becoming really resentful and frustrated….what do I do?

Taimoor Iqbal

Moved to New country… Had blocked her fb for a year … then laying on my bed at night.. started thinking about her and whole night passed until I had to gather myself and take a look at her profile.. again everything stopped watching her with her hubby…

Jason Willis

I had that once, I fell head over heels for her and then she walked away and broke my heart in the process..

Amy Corrigan

and my weekend was horrible , and the morning was horrible so much so I wanted to cry all morning until you said something so sweet I smiled , then you said something funny and I laughed until my horrible mood disappeared… How could I not fall in love with you?

Nataly D du Plessis

I would not say i ever had the wrong one….because he was not the wrong one….what happened was wrong…but he made me the happiest woman ever,,,,a pity things didnt work out for us….?

'Jason Dunn

I’ve never felt this kind of Happy Happy Happy with someone my entire life!!! She’s got the kinda love I’ve only dreamt about. I am so blessed by her and her love. She’s the most beautiful woman that’s ever walked this earth and I tell her so on a daily basis. I pray that one day she realizes that is how I truly feel and have felt this since the first time ours eyes locked. I feel stronger and stronger everyday for her and today has been the strongest by far. I will fight through any weather knowing we will… Read more »

Joros Guanzon

This could happen during early stages of any relationships, even the ones that lead to break up. What’s more important is consistency. Take enough time to know each other, the good and the bad. Don’t rush into thinking you’re in love just because you’re still laughing together till 4am. Enjoy the moment but give your heart the time it needs.

Marge Homer

That’s how we started , we kept on chatting until dawn. Then suddenly, we felt attached, we were drawn to each other, we were all smiles while talking to each other, we kept on sharing stories and secrets. And the rest is history. We are in love with each other more than yesterday! I LOVE YOU Daddy!