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Feb 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brian David Kidd
Brian David Kidd

I am so damn lucky to be out of such a one sided and an abusive relationship.
It’s nice to love me for who I am and love my kids without you creating chaos and drama in all our lives.

Sankalp Patil
Sankalp Patil

And this can happen only when the other person also feels the same way. If the other person treats like you are nothing special, soon you won’t feel damn lucky

Shane ItiswhatItis Nel
Shane ItiswhatItis Nel

That’s what I’ve been wondering but I’m not gonna think to hard

Fact is I’ve got you, well I don’t got you entirely but I mean got you well enough to say it ? I’m just extremely grateful you stumbled into my arms and hope to not disappoint

I know u said it’s impossible for me 2 but I just find myself lucky to get a chance with a girl like u