Apr 27, 2017
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37 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

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Homemade birthday card ideas can make this special occasion memorable. Creating birthday cards should not be stressful. If you only have a limited time then you can choose a simple one. However if you have more time then you can consider using various techniques and decorative materials. You should make your cards ahead of time in order to avoid stress.

When designing a birthday card, it is very important to consider the celebrant’s favorites.  For instance, their hobbies, favorite colors, and others.  Include these details when creating your handmade birthday card. We can say that handmade cards are the extension of our hearts.  These cards express our love towards the celebrant.  A birthday card can bring cheer to anyone.  It the best gift for a friend, mother, father, sister, brother, boss or any special person close to your heart.  I’m sure they’ll love to hear from you on this special day.  Here are some of the best homemade birthday cards that you can create for your loved ones.  Enjoy!

37 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas and Images

1. 21st Birthday Card Ideas

21st Birthday Card Ideas

Turning 21 also means that you are already an adult.

2. Awesome Birthday Card

Awesome Birthday Card

This is a cute matchbox birthday ideas for your little boys.

3. Beautiful Birthday Homemade Card Ideas

Beautiful Birthday Homemade Card Ideas

Choose his/her favorite color when making the balloons.

4. Best Birthday Card Ideas

Best Birthday Card Ideas

A homemade birthday card is a nice gesture for a friend.

5. Birthday Card For Dad

Birthday Card For Dad

Your dad will surely appreciate your effort in making this card.

6. Birthday Card Homemade

Birthday Card Homemade

Dress up your homemade card with adorable decorations.

7. Birthday Card Ideas For Brother

Birthday Card Ideas For Brother

Making a handmade birthday card is more sincere than buying it from a store.

8. Birthday Card Ideas For Father

Birthday Card Ideas For Father

This is a simple yet elegant birthday card for your dad.

9. Birthday Card Ideas For Girls

Birthday Card Ideas For Girls

Adding different types of flowers can make your birthday card look nicer.

10. Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Parents can teach their kids how to make creative homemade birthday cards.

11. Birthday Card Ideas With Steps

Birthday Card Ideas With Steps

You can add more colors to the balloons to make it more colorful.

12. Birthday Homemade Card Ideas

Birthday Homemade Card Ideas

If you are looking for a simple yet cute way of greeting your friends then give them a special homemade birthday card.

13. Cool Birthday Card

Cool Birthday Card

Homemade cards are not only for birthdays but also for other special occasions.

14. Cool Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Boys

Cool Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Boys

This is perfect for boys who are fond of playing video games.

15. Creative Birthday Card For Girls

Creative Birthday Card For Girls

The best part about making your own homemade birthday card is you can either make it simple or complex.

16. Unique Birthday Cards

Creative Birthday Cards

You can make homemade cards when you have spare time and send them when their birthday arrives.

17. Cute Birthday Card Ideas

Cute Birthday Card Ideas

Every birthday is a gift.

18. Cute Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Cute Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

It is a good idea to teach kids how to make birthday cards while they’re still young.

19. Unique Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Cute Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Creating birthday cards can make your kids busy.

20. Easy Birthday Card

Easy Birthday Card

To get some ideas in making birthday cards, you can go through the things that the celebrant has given to you.

21. Birthday Card Ideas for Girls

Easy Birthday Card Ideas

This is a cute birthday card for a cute girl.

22. Birthday Homemade Card Ideas for a Friend

Easy Birthday Homemade Card Ideas

Handmade cards are the perfect way of making people feel special.

23. Birthday Card For Boys

Funny Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

Choosing homemade cards are ideal when you are on a budget.

24. Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Sister

Good Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

If the celebrant is a sentimental person then he/she will probably keep your card for the rest of his/her live.

25. Colorful Birthday Card

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

You may find it hard to make homemade cards at he start but later on, you will get used to it.

26. Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend

Creating homemade cards is a touching way to show your boyfriend that your care for him.

27. Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Dad

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Dad

Birthday cards which are homemade are easy to make and its also fun.

28. Special Birthday Card For Friends

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Friends

If you do not have enough money to buy a gift for your friend then just make a special birthday card.

29. Birthday Card Ideas For Husband

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Husband

Handmade cards are always considered special.

30. Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Let your child feel that he/she is special by giving him/her a handmade birthday card.

31. Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Mom

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Mom

You can express your special concern and feelings for your mom by giving her a handmade birthday card.

32. Lovely Birthday Card Ideas

Lovely Birthday Card Ideas

Show your creativity in making your homemade card.

33. Nice Birthday Card

Nice Birthday Card

A handmade card is a memorable and awesome way to express your feelings.

34. Simple Birthday Card Ideas

Simple Birthday Card Ideas

This fascinating handmade card is truly awesome and beautiful in its expression.

35. Simple Birthday Card Ideas For Friends

Simple Birthday Card Ideas For Friends

This handmade card is specially designed for birthday wishing to someone special.

36. Artistic Birthday Card

Simple Birthday Card Ideas For Girls

This fabulous birthday card is decorated with ribbons, little flowers, and others.

Which birthday card ideas do you love the most?  Birthdays only comes once a year so make the most of it.  Make it memorable and unique for your someone special.  Your birthday cards should contain warm and heartfelt birthday wishes. Handmade cards are also a great gift for Christmas. Most people celebrate their birthday by having a birthday party or drinks with their best friends!

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