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Dec 21, 2016
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“I want to be with you. It is as simple, and as complicated as that.”

Amanda Borges

what if you have done it as many times as your heart won’t piece back together because there’s no other way you know how to love?

Kerye Jackson

Being in love is so great and it feels so lovely but it hurts will it falls apart. It does feel like your heart is being torn apart.

Lake Harewood

Years. I’ve been feeling like this for years. I just want it to stop already. 🙁

Anthony Perez

This page always posts shitty quotes about how painful love is.

The moderators need to see therapists and get lives.

Your fucking page is corny as Fuck and ur moderators sound pathetic as all Fuck.

Pau Er

Pain is un-describable but when the person you wholeheartedly love loves you back, best feeling in the world.

Linda Zin Perez

Yesterday, it felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest and the blood had completely drained out of my head ???

Natasha Alsop

I doubt Voldemort ever loved someone with his whole heart…

Ryan Gallienne

This is total bs. How about those of us who haven’t been hurt by the person we love?

Dmjd Bronkhorst

Words understood with utmost clarity by Parents with wonderful Children……

Edwin Cen

The one who can torn it apart is the one who will come to ur mind when u r on the mood, not the one who always try to be around.

Patrick Crumbaugh

That’s exactly how I feel right now that I have lost the love of my life Michelle cook

Alexander Scott Parker

“…you’ve never had emotional addiction to feelings of possession before.”


Jessica Boggess

I’m still recovering. I gave a man everything I had this past january, miscarried his twins, and then he cut me from his life completely to get married in June. Said he had been planning on leaving her when I came along….never again will I love like this. And never again will I believe in the power of love like I once did. Only love I have so much faith in is my son. The man shattered me, and I’m not sure I will ever find all the pieces again.

Roberta Cesaritti

And despite everything you’ll thank them for ever, because they taught you more than anybody else.. I didn’t know what I was worth and how I deserved to be treated, now I do. Thanks to who lost a better and more confident version of me he helped building up!

Hugo Ricardo Roca

Yeah. I’ve been there. It isn’t pleasant, yet it helps you develop maturity. After you pick up the tore pieces of your soul scattered all over the place and put it back together you’d unconsciously throw in new upgrades and add ons making it better, stronger and wiser. You would never be the same to become better.

Mardria Andrea Coleman

I can agree…. The love of my life and I once broke up because we were having some challenges early on and I felt CRUSHED!!! We got back together but ohhhhh it was a mess!

Andrew de Munnik

It’s like going over to mom’s and she didn’t make spaghetti, that’s true heart break.

Juan L Betts

Or more precisely never lost someone you loved with your entire existence. But if you survive you survive stronger.

Simon Phillips

So true took me til mid 40’s to find it, until then you think you’ve been in love but you haven’t, at least I know what it looks like next time I see it

Jenn Barnes

So recently, in fact, that I still feel like I cannot breathe.

Dan Powell

Pieces flapping in the breeze like a cape, tattered and worn.

Lisa Jones

I felt this way when my beloved dog died, never over a man