Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Britney Weiss
Love your mom no matter what. Spoil her rotten. She gave life to you, she was their for good and bad moment, she built you up when you needed. But also to be there for her when she needs you. Take her to doctors, keep her motivated to keep going through life, but also hold her hand and tell her how much she means to you…..some of us lost of mother’s at young ages and can’t get them back. So do the right thing before it’s to late. I lost my birth mom n step mom by age 25. Wish… Read more »
Ruth Ann Stead Ruddock

Your absolutely right i will always be right there by your side sorry you can’t get rid of me i love you and im so proud of you and the amazing little lady your becoming i will always be here for you

Michelle Passot

My mother n I don’t always get along but I love her ever so much! I am a stronger woman because of her n I can never thank her enough! I was truly blessed to have her Sheila as my mother! I love you mama!

Mary Daza

Can y’all send prayers for my mom. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She’s in the hospital. Please please send prayers or good vibes

Ini Dya

I love my mum but I did not have many days to be with her .. she departed to early . and I miss her soooooo much. I want her God .

Tiger-Peewee Rosales Alvaran

definitely not my mother!my mother is always on the side of my enemies.She loves them more.She pretty much just pushed me out of this world,made me her shock absorber and my first worst critic.She says she loves me but her actions says otherwise

Lisa Wallis Wilkin

I never fight with my mom! She gave birth to me and she knows people that can make you disappear! Just Saying ! I love my Mommy ! I love my sisters too !

Chari Klick Kulgavchuk

Thanks pretty ‼️💋My li’l (Bobbie Rosauer) you are my sun shine🌞😇your ALWAYS there when I need you. Love you with everything that I am. That goes to your big sis too , Sharray Marie. My cup runneth over💖

Soledad Tan

love you too anak tnx sa pagmamahal di man ako ferpect momalam ko ginawa ko lahat para sa inyo at wala ako pinagsisihan don kasi kayo lang ang buhay ko proug ako sa inyong lahat tnx ako kay lord dahil binigyan ako ng mga mababait na mga anak at mapagmahal tnx ulit

Sharon Fausett Child

Thanks my dear Kel! I love being your mom and hope I can measure up. Being a mother and grandmother are God’s greatest blessings😘❣️

Sam Pride

I am a Mom and this was posted by my daughter…Sure I would loved to be spoiled, but a call to say hi once in a while and ask me how I am doing. I am having difficulty in excepting many things that I tolerated before. But, sometimes when I know your listening and say I wish I can be there will be fine. God in his greatness gives parents the strength love unconditionally…To my children and grandchildren and when your ready Avalynna, my great-grandchild .

Ditebogo Manana

Mom, mother, is everything everyone ever present, love love her, no one is perfect as much as she was and is there for me with all my weaknesses, I am and will try my best to make her and cherish her being now and always

Darcey Poi

Some people don’t have lovely mothers… Most times they make it their goal in life to fuck yours up and belittle you making you feel like shit like it’s your fault she got pregnant with you. Not everyone has the perfect mother figure.

Julie Perticone Gleisle

Oh my God Nicole it’s took you 28 1/2 years to realize this…I loved you before you even were born,all the adversities all the struggles our life went through you were always my rock because I always had to take care of you and they gave me strength all mothers feel the same way that’s why were called moms…thank you honey

Nat AndJohnny Hayes

Being a mom is not easy, children don’t come with instructions also when you don’t know but anyway you try anf fight for them, love them ,support them you will give your life for them, and no matter what they do to you! You love them with all your ❤

Heather Alarie
You only get one Mom and sadly I lost mine when I was 26. She wanted to be a grandmother so bad to, unfortunately I didn’t have a baby til recently! I regret not hanging out with her as much I regret not hugging her as often and I regret not helping her around the house as much as I should when I was younger. She was a single Mom of 3 and worked 7 days a week. All I can do now is become half as good as she was. I’m not even over her passing and it’s been… Read more »
Pauline Hsu

My mom tried to sell my sister and Then she got another daughter! Me! So I dont agree That all moms are supportive and Nice! But I am happy she gave birth to me and That I survived my childhood in her présence! Now i am free and building my own life!

Jen Love

My mom wasn’t by my side when I was under assault and needed her most, she loved my attacker more than my well being and treated me like a stranger, so I turned her into one and left the family. Never looked back.

Marna Mcgahey

Yes I had a beautiful mom been gone many I still live and miss her, I miss my dear nieces in calif to, hope you all a blessed and happy new ur, love you all forever aunt marna