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Jan 18, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ks Stin

I love your forgiving and compassionate self. Much. The social work that you do. Your own little quiet ways of helping others. The undying love for your family even when they fall short. The way you love is what I have been looking for. The way you love is amazing. Though I may not be the fortunate one whom you will ever set eyes on. But when I met you, I fell for the person you are, the person whom I can see a blissful life with. I am in love with not only your exterior beauty but what anchors… Read more »

Gregg Williams

I’ve heard it so many times but didn’t know it was true until I found the one

Brian Dombrowski

That’s just something someone says when they have an ugly partner lmao jj

Brandon Ortiz

Yea that’s what the other guy thinks when she’s screwing him behind your back.

Shikha Thakur

Awwwwwwww ???? u tooo arora sir.. Thnxxxxx fr being dere always n make me DAT much beautiful in DAT way ?

Melinda Santos

Oo, tas ikaw lang mafofall. Sawi ka na naman. Wala talaga kasing forever

Pat Jr Villa

True…beacause every things are beautiful for someone you love,eventhough she/he has a worst face ever..hahaha! ??

Scott Huhtala

but then they go back to the meathead that cheated on them, wuh wuhhh. that must be fun to have in the back of their mind.

Sherry Stanton

Ummmm…disagree. That is the dancing of courship…time will show you their true self, their integrity, and the core of who they really are <3

Aira Forsander

To fall for personality shows you genuinely love cause beautiful outer is just bonus ☺

Brian Palmer II

What about when you fall for them because you’re a fucking idiot?

Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Will I did and he broke my heart and he is an idiot because we are trying to be friends but he doesn’t treat me like one and can’t even say I love you he treats me like an ex yet his the one that dumped me

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Ruel Fenis Bandojo

A girl realized that she had grown hair between her legs. She got worried and asked her mom about that hair.

Her mom calmly said, “That part where the hair has grown is called Monkey, be proud that your monkey has grown hair.” …. the girl smiled.

At dinner, she told her sister, “My monkey has grown hair.”

Her sister smiled and said, “That’s nothing, mine is already eating bananas.”

Jerry Massey

So very true. I see the personality as the best thing a person has. Makes them stand out in so many ways.