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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Seth Snores Myende

Very true, God has his ways. Tired of all the crap, disloyalty, cheating, disrespect, arguing, rudeness, name calling, bad mouthing, pretending, lying, cursing, all of it!!!!! The next man can have it all.

Paula Elliott

Incredibly doubtful and highly suspect for any male, in these times, to be this way. Much greater is the likelihood they get lonely and want to have something dependable for a few months. UNTIL that gets old then….back to square one. IF we do happen upon those unicorns who actually do think they want a real relationship….they usually don’t have a job, live at mom’s, etc …. So really…why even try anymore?

Blair Newman

Word…The problem is no one is loyal anymore and are very selfish, not willing to work on a relationship but rather have their cake and eat it too…if you not already in a relationship then you need to just throw in the towel lolbvs???
Sad but true…

Diana Harmon

Good luck w that! I’m almost 41 & there’s no such man unless u want to settle for someone I aren’t attracted to & there has to be some attraction!

Dustin G Rhodes

Nah, they’ll be tired of the games but will keep passing you up for the player. People don’t change unless they want to, and they usually blame the player instead of trying to fix the part of themselves that keeps drawing them to the player.

Sandra Colantuono

I’m sorry… i just can not believe this… there is not ONE man out there that would be loyal to me… and it just keeps getting proven over and over to me me CONSTANTLY

Zehra Khan

pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee … someone get that stupid guy from wherever in the world he is… at which ever tower he is hanging please get himmm..

James Tatsch

And on that day you will blow them off n take them for granted n possibly miss out n lose what could be the best person that you could ever have in your life js that’s how is gos

Evan Crosby

Really I’ve just given up Im not a drama kind of guy. I get out when I see things going south. Had enough of that for two lifetimes.

Twin Turner

One day one day*!* When dating isn’t involving fb,ig,or any other social media and others on the outside looking in such as friends,family,ex,fans, or the one you claim is just a friend…When you get to know each other not by Web searching so on…ijsssss lmboooooooo When loyalty,unconditional love,and 4ever coming back in style I’m down

Leroy Gohn

The last person claimed she was tired of the games..But after just s month I learned she was playing games..She played games with my head & heart..Thanks for the lesson Miss Lou…

Russell Kajewski

And i’ll be 82 and die the next day, people don’t care about whats inside anymore or faith, trust, or loyalty it’s all about what u earn and what u have

Dave Creary

You may have already found that person but you scared them away with some of your relationship rules.Not all people think the same and react the same in certain situations.Being loyal could be expressed in many aways.Some people don’t notice until your gone how down you where for them and how loyal and faithful of a person you were…loyal people don’t run away with other people when theres a problem in there current relationship.They try to fix it ,not make it unrepairable

Lidia Baker

I know God has a plan, sometimes we get tired, we are in such a rush to find that special person that we take the reins and decide to do it our way. But if we wait for his perfect timing he may surprise us.

Elizabeth Sanders

When?? Where is he?? Nobody believes in loyalty anymore..Everybody has somebody else on the side.. Everybody wants the cake and ice cream too..Smh
#monogamusgirl #whereismrright #Istillbelieveinlovebutnotsomuchinpeople

Eb Ebram

Problem is, when you get tired of games, you are no longer need or want relationship … in other word, it will be too late

Dorinda Daley McLeod

Maybe, but I am not holding my breath or seeking them out. I need to be alone for awhile and enjoy life. At this point, I don’t plan to remarry or live with anyone.

Kyle Grice

I highly doubt that. Not saying there isn’t ppl out there as loyal as I am. Just that I doubt I’ll find her in time.

Nicholas Hardin

If you want somebody to be empathetic to what you hold in your heart you might want to get a lab dog . loyalty is literally somebody being selfish in their own ways they are not going to change who they are how they feel or what they believe in. They are there to lean on for no one but themselves Solo in nature that makes them attractive egotistical and self centered. There’s only room for one loyal person in a relationship because one of the people change after said relationship ends only one can remain themselves. Leaving the selfish… Read more »

Luvlia Hr

Juz wonder for how long they playing that games..playing with someone’s heart..Hope once they found u they will not playing ur heart too..coz it’s their habit.. Got to be careful then..Can’t trust 100%..?

Yuri Debevc

It’s not just loyalty. But honesty, respect and cosideration and a blind belief that they will stand by you in good times as well as bad times