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Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Debbie Oliver

I got played so well these past few days
Incredible to think that i thought someone cared for me but was only putting on a front

Md Dipak Chowdhury

A real man loves you for who you are. Your dress or looks shouldn’t be what makes him stay with you. If he can’t respect you as person, that man has to go.

Anthony Adams

I wouldn’t let them play with my heart if I handed it to them!!! That piss them off even more….because I’m capable of doing that!!! ;0)

Tony Gonzalez

Some people express love in many different ways in giving gifts and actually saying the words I love you and being there when you are in need and supporting you and certain decisions that you make and showing you how they care when you are not feeling well and understanding your mood swings and your ups and downs someone that witches to hold you and wish that they never had to let you go that wants to be at your side every moment of the day and just hear your sweet voice in their ears there are just so many… Read more »

Raksha Dave

Are there such..Real and perfect human beings, if there are, and, if you are lucky enough to have one in yr life than you are blessed with everything..?

Vansh Kapoor

That is the bad thinking Nowdays . People goes with handsome face , rather than good heart. And In the end they broke their heart. But still after this they repeat same mistake . Look beautiful and sweet heart girls love person with sweet heart not with sweet face.

Edna Dolliente

Right,but sometimes we cant teach our heart ,bcoz when the heart is choose even the with the wrong person its so hard to control it,like me i always follow my heart not my mind,even with the wrong person

Tebogo Peace Poonyane

this sucks I somtimes wish ha very bad thngs. but I cnt coz someone will do the same to ha. what goes around comes around. karma is the mother of all bitchs

Kayla Vogt

Ooo how so very true. I think people should see the enter person because that’s who we are with

Robin Boyce

A person who knows your worth will show you! Never make you come in last!

Richard G. Reina

There’s an old Proverb that says, Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Your heart belongs to you, because you are everything and everything is you,the moment you discover that, no one can ever hurt again. ( Keep, Guard, Protect )

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…that’s because, there are a lot of fake & evil people in this world. That’s why, I’m looking for someone now who will really love me…for life. =)

Daniel Henke

When u came to that point and think you got a future together she is getting weak knees ignores u everywhere and don’t want to see you again

Mustafa Alam

Someone who deserves your heart is someone that will take good care of it. Don’t go after looks, because looks can fade. Someone that deserves your heart is someone that doesn’t go after lust but someone that truly loves you.

Chaz Stewart

Yup not one who ignores you or blames you for everything or takes no responsibility for there own actions. Or some one who stops saying a I love you over a simple fight or some one who starts acting sketchy. Women these days don’t have a fucking clue how to keep or treat a good hard working guy.

Tyrelle Dawkins

I knew a few that will play you like a damn fiddle…then drop you off the face of the earth like they never even Met you…..Worse kinda Scum you could possibly Meet. You just sit and Hope Karma isnt kind. Meanwhile, Keep living. Change for no one….even After horrible phuckers like that.

Tyler Geipel

That’s why I stay alone. All I’ve ever gotten is my heart and mind played with. Isn’t worth my time or effort anymore. Just going to live for me, because it’s the only way I know.

Shahbaz Gul

This is Very difficult to detect someone’s intentions these days
People become good actor to win your heart for their own benefits only.
True and fare ones are a rare thing.

Yvonne Tusiime

People play games with your heart they always leave you with fresh wounds and then want you to fight for them. Consistency honesty building trust and good communication are key

Aira Forsander

There will become the day the right one becomes in my life and when he truly loves me he also deserve my heart ☺
I won’t ever let anyone play with my heart again ☺

Jennett Hanchett

I’ve had a fair share who have played with the heart. Each time it happens, the more I feel nothing towards any “lovey dovey” situation.

Renee Norberg

I so agree lust is easy just as sleeping with someone is but finding that person you could wake up with every morning is the best feeling in the world . If you find that person don’t let them go .

Sarah Lambright

Be with someone who actually wants to be with you and values you… KNOW YOUR WORTH!!