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Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path toward happiness; don’t waste time with regret. Spin wildly into your next action. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes, because you’ll never get another one quite like it. And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart…where… Read more »

Shirley Sanchez

I get it but MUST chanel my tia again rememb(thk) Vic(uncle) asking HIS Mom why be nice & or so giving to so & so him & her they’ve done this & that said about U! All of Us & OUR wise giving (my tia) ur grammie bbf Replyied because that’s when U luv them More MUST LUV THEM MORE When being as.hol.. IS when u luv em more?! Jst saying…. but BELIEVE ME I DO GET IT!!!

Christina Marie Torres

Facts that’s y I don’t bother talking to anyone I used to talk too b4 ..I don’t waste my time wit fakes like them..I just focus on me and my kids and trying my best to be the best mom to my kids as possible ..I could care less bout all those fake loves… they didn’t do nothing for me and only thought bout themselves which I knew that would happen anyway but in life we all take chances and that was the chance I took ..Do I regret 2016, no possible way.. I learned from all those fake loves… Read more »

Saad Fazelpour

The world is a little more complicated than that. People who love ❤️ you today might hate you in the future and vice versa. Your actions might have something to do with it. Instead I believe in love ❤️ for all and sometimes you get the love ❤️ back.

Evelia Cervantes

En este ano que paso fue de muchas deciluciones ,de personas que creimos que heran nuetros amigos .familiares que dejaron a mi esposo sin su apoyo mi esposo necesita un transplante de corazon pero creo que huviera necesitado mas el soporte familiar ahora miro las cosas diferente y me di cuenta quienes estan contigo en las buenas y las malas fueron muy pocas pero el que nunca nos dejo fue el que nunca te falla buenos o malos el es nuestro mejor amigo y padre que es Dios nuestro padre . tambien me di cuenta que los biejos amigos son… Read more »

Jennifer Mcentee

Well. You might of ruined that nowand to be loved you also need to love yoyrself.or people to be able tolov e u also.you’ve alot of love its who you choose to take it from ? ? ? theres no pot of gold atda end of the rainbow..but ud be rich if u pick wisely ?

Becky Wheeler

This year i want to figure out who i really love….and focus on those relationships. And stop having to pretend nice to those that just aren’t very nice. Manners will suffice.

Dawn Kristofik

Ibhave loved many friends family and got screwed by some but they are getting weeded out of my life and it does feel like so much has been lifted off my shoulders and gonna continue to keep weeding aint got many left

George Andrew Moncada

I’m wishing for this year to find a good woman that I will love for her and nothing else. And I wish she can love me for me but in these days it seems women just want friends with benefits and not a serious relationship.

Michael Clowry

so your going to avoid, the people you work with and relatives. as family ahs to put up with family. so if you know who pretends to like you it shouldn’t be hard to avoid them right. so a poor ugly man that has a women in his life, knows she loves him and not the money, right. just like a women that has no beauty has a man, she knows she’s loved for her and not her looks, right.

Linda Howard-Curtis

Sweetie, As I have gotten older (and hopefully a little wiser), I have learned to distance myself from negative people! Love you. Hope you and I both have a better year in 2017!!

Anastasia Keller

it is just to bad that some so called Godl people that you trusted and looked up to turn out to be back stabbing 2 face liars and so some times it is hard to weed them out until it to late I sayr name bt she not a freind any more

Jacob Kirksey

Yes, me too! I’ve always wanted this but, stay blind because I want to see the good in people. I’ve learned there that there isn’t alot to see. Some things are just the way they are, and I can’t change that, no matter how much I want to!?

Dianne Watson

I have spent the last few years doing a lot of weeding. I have weeded out many and don’t look back. Really have not missed them and it improved “me” by doing that. The honest, truthful, trustworthy people are still in my life and I love them very much. It is funny in a way that the ones I chose to not have anything to do with anymore think they are hurting me by not talking to me. When I see them throw their head up, I think Thank you, Lord. No more selfish, blame everybody for their mistakes, woe… Read more »

Aaron Farquhar

True friends love you in good and bad, always there for your support and encouragement and are not afraid to tell you truth even if it doesn’t agree with you because friends are honest with you in all things, love unconditionally.

Alice Hatter

Haha! And there I was today thinking how nice it would be if some people would at least pretend to love me. (But I’m always grateful for the ones who truly do!)

Nicolas Chavez Jr

It’s a long process, but there are people that love you. You just have to look in the mirror and let that person know to stop loving people that don’t love you back.

Linda Babb

Amen. Holy Spirit, Help me to discern those relationships to adjust in my heart this year and those that will come into my path that are to be close or to be shallow. I want to live in the ‘truth’ and not call a relationship ‘close’, when it is not.

Phyllis Kilpatrick

Me too Jennifer,there are many out there like that,know that we love y’all so much,remembering all the good times we had at the old place a good time in our life,thanks for that. Love y’all.

Tony Keys

That’s why I’m desiring to not chase what I once had… plush she tryna control somthing she would never be able to do I jut gotta let it go. ?

Master Tee

Yeah? And then what are you going to say next year? And the next year? What about all the years before? Shut up already and just live your life, geesh.

Ricky Hathaway

So here at the house of bad decisions we love all who come through our door. Then we feed them and make them get drunk with us?

Ellen Shirai

Heart of hearts. You would know if the other is true to you. It is felt differently when someone really loves you for who u are

Judy Hersh

I love you more than you will ever no..and Thamk You for everything you do to help me. I can always count on you to be there day or night..