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Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Maha Moussa

Oooh I hate puzzle…life is so short to be a part of any puzzles…I admire the clear ways only, it’s most perfect to my character….

Joshua Figueira

Depends, you can be complete if you 1st devote yourself by loving you 1st and then love your partner, I’m not saying that we should only love ourselves like narcisistics, I’m just saying that by doing that, you won’t be dependent on someone, even if it sounds good… and when that happens and breakup occurs, you will get the worst or one of the worst feelings ever that exists among us

Chris Pierdominici

You should never need someone to complete your life. Be complete in and of yourself, and a relationship is a beautiful enhancement.

Robert Bell

Robert Bell. You’re the best thing that have happened to me. (Giving myself A hug) Now this is what you call I need me A me! ?

Terry Osborn

I found my pice of puzzle when I kicked out the teach in my life. Always find your way out of a bad relationship an pick yourself up an go on. No one is better then yourself ❤️?Happy happy my new life is great !!!past is gone yes over getting bet an afraid of my life.i am loved❤️️

Luvlia Hr

How I wish if ‘U’ will say that to me that ur life would not be completed without me.. I’m waiting for..so long to hear that..

Aira Forsander

I’m very fine without these puzzles which are my past exes ☺
If they feel themselves uncomplete without me then it’s better look at themselves from the mirrow ?
They don’t ever get me back ?

Sergine Bertrand

Not sure I would want to be a part of another person’s puzzle. Too big of a burden to carry…