Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sarah Grace

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let god deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Sad…that’s because, there are a lot of fake & evil people in this world. So, they better return all of these to me now asap: my check worth P1B, my plaques/awards plus all the gifts that I’m supposed to get last December 16, 2014. As well as these: my house & lot, my appliances, my car, my insurance, etc. Otherwise, they will now be in BIG TROUBLE NOW SOON, FOR LIFE!!! Because, their 3RD KARMA will happen now again THIS MONTH!!! So, I will never ever stop until the TRUTH comes out & JUSTICE PREVAILS. And I will… Read more »

Mary Flores

There comes a moment in time when we all get an…..Aha moment! Realization

Carmen Castaneda

that’s what stupid people are asking for yet they don’t know what it is

Raghavendran Narayanan

But y all people r just using like a use and throw paper like …

Abdelkrim Hasdo

En toch Lopen er van die onozelaars die vinden zich heel wat. Omdat zij een dasje dragen. En respect verdienen. Ja wade

Johnay Mahoney

Respect comes from two sides…irrespect of age and it also need to be earned but there is many strategies that can be used to reach the goal of earning respect

Simon Rozario

Senior if u reading this pls reply…😭😭 Yes Senior i know u came to know the truth. And maybe thats y u blocked me. Maybe through this i may convey this message to u. May be u will see this or may not but Pls senior unblock me again. Today when my sis was opening her christmas present, i was logging into ur fb but then i was shocked to see u blocked me. Senior I want to say I still love you. I call u senior because u told me to do so…. but pls senior dont misunderstand me… Read more »

Roy Thurmond III

Lmao! The quote is real bro

Tami J Hare-Powell

Absolutely, never let someone beat you down so far that you forget WHO YOU ARE!! ❤

Soklin Uy

Let them do the dumb shit they do bcz in some situation, u don’t have to have any reactions though lol

Julie Anthony

Very true everyone deserves to be respected that dont mean you have to be friends

Wanda Delong

Amen the Bible says to love others as you love yourself. Just as you wouldn’t be disrespectful to someone don’t allow them to disrespect you if it continues sever the relationship bc they are telling you by their behavior they don’t care about you.

Leana Mabry

Powerful statement I have read this year! I refused, I paid the price and left my job but I can respect myself more than ever!

Bob Warren

A guy who was promoted unexpectedly to manager where I once worked proudly proclaimed he would ‘demand respect’ from the district. We almost immediately replied that he would have to earn that respect instead of demand it. He didn’t like that.

Mark Luffman

I am trying to be a Jesus loving bible follower, but nowhere in bible can I find any way that I am allowed to leave an abusive marriage. I keep finding pray for the spouse, trust God- but always remain in covenant that “no man shall separate”. Do I accept abuse or choose to disobey God? What am I missing?

Nelie Attwell

People that disrespect othes does not even respect them self. Do what my husband said take a step back the wheel will turn.

Roselen Magaling

its true, all you need to do is to walk away if this happens

Don Schexnider

Amen to that , that just makes them more angry with you. just keep moving on , can’t show respect won’t get none.

Laxmi Reddy

Very true.u ned to take a stand for ur own self respect,no matter how much u love tat person 😐

Maria Toikka

Thats right