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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Mohan Chandra

Rejection of feelings is more painful than rejection of any promise or relationship….because when someone rejects or neglects someone’s feelings, emotions, love, care and existence then even in togetherness, such rejection feels so painful…but everyone experiences good or bad part of a relationship only after being into a relationship.

Desii Wright

I gave up. Now I’m just focusing on myself, and just simply waiting to attract who I am ‘n’ what I have chosen in life. Can’t keep doing all of the efforts in life. Sometimes I gotta let things come to me.

Sfgiants Romo

HA!! I know da feeling. Telling someone ur interested in them, they reply Thank U, then stop talking to u all together ???? I laughed and moved on! Life’s a bitch!!! Like my daddy use to tell me! mija there’s more fish in da sea, not just one!…

Luvlia Hr

U ignored me & I ignore u too..Yaa as simple as that..No big fuss huh..!! ?

Anthony Adams

If a person ignored you or you felt ignored……was the person interested in the first place? Or, was it all made up?

Evelyn Maralit

Love begets love. Care begets care ..attention begets time ..trust begets faith. Faith begets loyalty. If all these things do not matter ..then u are not frends . No emotional attachment registered . No physical or emotional concern ..then it’d time to ask ? Who are you to me ? Who am I to you ?

Shazia Husain

“You ignored me”, I value self-respect and my self-esteem, “it’s as simple as that”!

Gina Taylor

Pretty simple!!! Too many people don’t get it until it’s too late.

Ryan Baumer

Don’t Agree. So if you get ignored your love wasn’t stronger than that?!?

Simon Rozario

Senior if u reading this pls reply…?? Yes Senior i know u came to know the truth. And maybe thats y u blocked me. Maybe through this i may convey this message to u. May be u will see this or may not but Pls senior unblock me again. Today when my sis was opening her christmas present, i was logging into ur fb but then i was shocked to see u blocked me. Senior I want to say I still love you. I call u senior because u told me to do so…. but pls senior dont misunderstand me… Read more »

Nhan Phan

Then these hoes get it twisted and say “He stopped talking to me because I didn’t wanna fuck.” But in reality he just liked you and wanted to get to know you.

Matthew Mendat Jr

Story as old as time……women want what they can’t have, have what they want and don’t want it anymore. You guys drive men to do stupid things and don’t ever appreciate it then wonder why your man loses interest. I’m pretty sure my girl just dumped me on Christmas and I don’t even know what I feel but trust me when I tell you there will never be another me. Sucks because the kids always lose. When do women grow up?

Esther Palenschat

Haha! No… The way this goes is…
you ignored me, and showed you had no interest in me. I didn’t lose interest. You showed you didn’t care, or want my time, caring or interest. (Im over those who say one thing and do another, or cannot communicate clearly at all.) If you want a garden to grow, you must tend to it with specific tasks…nurture, care for, give attention to. Show up. Love and caring…shows up.

Thomas Dekker

Still looking for a balance between too much (clingy) and too little (ignoring). Seems to be impossible to get right and always ends up the same.

Christie Blue

Pretty common these days. I just don’t get how they think they can ignore you then try and come back later as of nothing happened.

Vicky Vicky

U hurt me,u keep doing always,,it’s like u are nvr be hapy till I tired,,simple u know when god pay back to ur children or ur fly,,god is great

Dennis Kjær Frandsen

Every single time…. being ignored or not contacted at all is the worst. Weather its wia phone, fb or other. And that even includes the socalled friends. Come on… keep in touch. It only takes a minute to ask “how are you”

Brian David Kidd

Words of a Narcissistic Female to try and control a relationship.
When the man that is giving his all to her soon realizes that she is the one being abusive.

Michael Chamness

Any relationship, and especially a romantic one is like taking care of a plant. My uncle John taught me years ago that if you don’t feed and water it, it will die. The worst insult is to be taken for granted.

Tu Shar

Can you loose your interest because of a fight? Because we stopped talking? If yes, Thats not love, never was