Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Allen Dilligaf Hunter

Bit hard when they lie to you about how they feel whilst secretly seeing someone else.

Ben Bowden

If everyone went by this, no one would get attached 🙄

Sara Vance

Even people that say they do or should feel the same as you, will rip your heart right out!

Marlana Smith

Unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. This is so true.

Mario Rivera

Mental abuse is the worst abuse.

Karen Wright

Easier said than done, tell your heart this line and it will laugh at you!

Chelle Sis Singleton Mackey

Sometimes you can’t help it. I’m getting rid of the last pains.

Charles Mitchell

That’s a rule I learned many years ago and to this day still believe in it deeper than ever….

Jose Manuel Alfaya

Become the best version of yourself. Strive to be as healthy as you can be physically, mentally and spiritually and don’t let anyone rob you of your happiness

Lenny Bautista

So very true, I have personally experienced it and it almost destroyed me.

Steph Forsyth

So very true. They use you and are not true to their feelings. Let you believe they love you.

Mariia Baranovskaia

So embarrassing to feel they’re also attached to you and then find out you were wrong

Marja Turner

Yep that is true. Mentally and emotionally destroyed right now.

Fan Yang

Well sometimes if ur naturally a good person u would always be good and that makes u seem attached to the person. When u feel the person doesn’t reciprocate your goodness, I think it would be best not to expect.

Sal Carrillo

Very true, and its better to not disappoint yourself if you think they will have ur back, bend over backwards for you or just plain and simply listen to you when u have a bad day or even better a good day. That’s what some of us would do for our other half…

Mo King

Amen. If you’re not sure, take a little inventory every so often. Is he or she initiating contact, planning dates, returning calls? Are you being blown off? It may not be obvious to you but pay attention. The signs are there.

Sor Phea

Totally agree. Love is blind. The higher of expectation is the lower of happiness,It kinda humiliated when you found out they are not attached to you like the way you get in to them. You’re better love your self as much as you can . Mentally and spirituality don’t let anyone get too close to your heart and get rid of your happiness. People will come in your life and left you eventually, you may stick with them for sure . I’ve been through of personally experienced once and it accurately destroyed my everything, nothing can heal it but time… Read more »

Hameet Singh

No one gets too attracted to anyone with intentions sometimes your mind is not in you control so you can’t say choose the people before getting attached. Doesn’t make any sense

Brian David Kidd

That’s all good looking from the outside of a person or a relationship.
Yet until you experience when a person, especially a woman “Love Bomb” another person.
You have no idea of the power a Narcissist Personality Disorder type person has.

They will appear to be the kindest, most loving, most caring person you have ever met.
Until your allowed to see the mask fall off.

Matthew Weir

But the ladies love this, why else you think the friend zone exists ? Don’t get mad at me, is this not how it starts ? Apparently girls are cool with it.

Tanya Brooke Krishka-Flach

I’ve apparently become attached again despite my efforts not to. Was disappointed by this person on Friday and have been in bed for 2 straight days now. It’s devastating 😢

D.j. Longbrake

I agree. Mine told me I was marriage material and at Thanksgiving he was thankful for to his family. Left a week later. I’m completely devestated.

Jason Klobusnik

This is very true but what happened when it seems like they are just as in to you. Then they leave with no reason. You think this fricks you up.

Jan Lavely

So true….is a killer when he wants to be friends and you feel so much more