Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cas Sie

“oh great the feeling is mutual, I LOVE ME TOO and I WANT MYSELF BACK” 🙂

Kristin Zepeda

My response has been: “that’s cute! Lol lol… But no thanks! Unfortunately for you, I don’t accept returns of used merchandise. Especially coming from someone who purposefully broke things. But good luck!! Have fun texting your next ex lol. And stop wasting my data, your not worth it. Next time you text me I’m sending you the bill to pay for it.” Lol lol

Camran Panit

Walk outside and get in you’re car and drive as fast as you can into on coming traffic and if you survive I’ll….. well I’m sure you won’t survive because you were already dumb enough to text me anyways

Toya Coleman

Sorry, you have the wrong number. Here’s a box of tissues and some lotion. Merry Christmas Motherfuckaaaa!! Goodbye. #DeleteDelete

Daniel Quarve

“Error code 124322

The at&t user you are trying to reach is currently unavailable and would like you to suck a penis at your quickest convenience.

Thank your for your business and we will get back to you after 3-4 business days”

Zackary Villneff

Sorry I finally found who was meant for me.. She’s my soul-mate and we have children together, leaving you was the best thing for me because I have never been more happier.. We’ll be getting married soon the date is rolling up close, and I wouldn’t mess it up for anything in this world.. I truly love this women, she’s truly my soul-mate, so I would appreciate if you’d lose my number or better yet I’ll change it today, why would you be so foolish to message me… lol I’m sure you all get my point lol 😉

Elizabeth B

Well I loved you too and I wanted you back but it took you 5 years to feel just like I did… While it took me 5 years to feel the way you did… It’s over!

Lina Mercyy

No reply. Just delete & block their number. Why bother entertaining it with a response.

Tifanie Smith Lee

I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole with a 90 foot extension! I wouldn’t take you back if the world were flooded with piss and you lived in a tree!

Uhnborn Zykko

Depends which ex. But my reply would mayb look something like this, I’ve waited to hear those words but unfortunately I’ve learned to turn off that light + “never again”from you is permanent “no” to me….

HM Johnny

Wtf makes you think i will trust you ever again after you screwed up and broke up with me the 2.nd time !!? Twice is enough !!
Feel sorry for the fucker who’s with you now, but maybe he’s as fucked up in the head as you……. 💥😐🔫

Nichole Athena Cullifer

“We’re sorry. The phone number you are trying to text is no longer in service. If you feel you have received this reply in error please delete this number and try someone who still cares.”

Meredith Henry

Well, I’d tell him I waited 6 months for him to tell me that, then three months accepting it was over and rebuilding my life. And then these past two months thinking how I would love to find someone else to be in a relationship with. He’s five months too late.

Angela Nelson

*The number you are trying to reach no longer fucks with u…please try this with someone who does.😈

Tara Marie

“go fuck yourself” . Which was my literal response to the last one.

Jeffrey Woodiwiss

Nope for sure not gonna happen during this lifetime, she has been very heartless during our breakup…I am strong now and finally realize that I would rather be without her in my life than always feeling like at any moment she could disrespect me one more time, by taking me for granted and rejecting me once again…I am not willing and will never let someone treat me like an option when I treat them as priority…😊 much love

Kayla Elizabeth

I guess you couldn’t find any other bitches to fuck huh?

Dale Hamm

Taking back your ex, is like taking a shower and putting on dirty underwear, EWWWW!

Ali Johnson

Who is this?

Xavier Harrington

My response: I know. I always knew you would be back. Too bad I can’t allow myself to go down that road again. People like you never change.

Melissa Dryer

My reply would be. This at&t subscriber is no longer subscribed to your b.s. please miss me with that b.s and text another of your ex’s instead.

Bryan Thompson

You can’t come back into my life after walking away from almost being part of my family. I’ve already read that chapter and I’m writing a new one now.

Christianne Love S. Gramaje

My reply would depend which ex said that 😁
Someone I’m over: Better not…. it’s better this way. But Thank you 😁

Someone I still love: I never stopped loving you….

Rosalinda Bracero

Awww that’s sweet. Here is a box of tissues. He says these tissues are wet well that’s what happens when you find a girl that really has feelings for you so I’m giving you what you left me. Lol.