Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Trupti Pandya

It’s never over thinking.. infact think less and feel more.. when you love with all your heart..it should be always at fullest..there is no over love..life is so short to share your love with loved ones.. it should gv feeling of cared, understood and being with..not overpowering

Michele Huffmaster

It’s sad that the people I love get hurt by those who don’t have the capacity or capability to love as much as I do.

Durt D Sanchez

What’s the line on “over-love”, obsession, and down right “bitch all up in may business”?

Nikki Spillman

i love with all i have and i am okay with that. will be appreciated by the right one

Michelle Panelo Perrera

Indeed! That’s why over hurt 😔

Karyn Nuttall

Learning to stop doing both. Just heart ache and misery to be had.

Burton Abrera

I overthink too much of the relationship. Over love the person. Now over hurt my self!

Ann Le Blanc

That was one reason my ex broke up with me over think & over love😢

Maya Leleury

over thinking to my family…. love love love you all so much…

Raymond Humphrey

No such thing as over love. Just assholes that take advantage of you!

Yousuf Darya

That’s why i couldn’t find a girl who can handle all of my love.

David Randall

Got so much love to show and give but can’t find s woman to around long enough to experience it

Marites Castro Lucagan

Base in my experience its too dangerous to love over more hurt and pain thats the causeng like you can’t feel love anymore or its hard to trust and love again .

Godwin May

I over think before I do anything like a loving. I think about things like their appearance, his speech, their method of approach and if they will appreciate me in return then I can love or over love a person

Todd Aaron Mika

“Over-love” is a dangerously romantic way to talk about a lack of personal boundaries and codependency. My ex made soooo many changes to her life for me that I never asked her for, or expected, and then she blamed me for “making her hate herself and change who she was”… Don’t ever let desperation for acceptance make you go too far. When you’re loved, you’ll give because you’re already accepted, not to gain acceptance. Because you’re already loved, not to earn love in return. ^_^

Gwendolyn Denise Mebane

I do tend to put my whole heart n soul into a relationship. That’s who I am n I can’t be no one else. I love unconditionally.

Jaspreet Bachhal

you know the truth,i have only proposed one girl in my last year of college this year only, the fact i find with past n this experience that if you proposed girl or boy dont go for it again ,if you go again they will get some high feeling like they are like jennifer lopez and try to show ya attitude and this affect us mind and desperate us and really destroy our self respect,so simple dont over love or over show or over think,things comes and go,i would say they are lucky person if the girl they love is… Read more »

David Santos

He’ll Yeah!! Every step of the way out of her arms unfortunately this time. But back In her Arms for Eternity!!!