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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Christopher Preece

Never lie and always remember that it’s not just your life anymore but you are one life together.

Erica Moyer

Unless you are lying for a good reason. Such as you are trying to surprise your partner with an amazing present or something amazing to do together and he or she is getting around to figuring it out. Then lie on! They won’t mind when they find out the truth! ?

Austris Ozoliņš

Especially to yourself! By the way, how long is long? Strange, that in short relationships people tell truth more! The question is about deepness of relationships!

Nelson Blest

It’s the lie that keeps a relationship going, it actually the truth that ends up fuckin everything up. ?? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Queen Latifer

Yes lie is not good, but every body tell lies,an it seems people value lie more than truth, they love those who lie to them than who say d truth, so now I think lie is d best, Les keep liar if u don’t know how to tell lie then learn it, I just leant mine an is really fun for me an stupid to those who accepts it as truth.

Alex Krstanovic

Wow, if that were true, there would be zero long term relationships because everyone lies, anyone who says otherwise is guess what, lying! It’s all about context, sometimes telling the truth will end a relationship, just be there for each other, be kind, never cheat, always show love & appreciation & treat your partner how you want to be treated

Ladz Salera

He lied. I cried
He flirt. I hurt
He wanted. I needed
He forgot. I remembered
He promised. I kept it
He stopped. I started
He was done. I was trying
He loves me. I said, “stop lying”!

Chovin Karim

I think u have to lie to keep it cuz i been honest all the way and they left?

Vanna Sandoval

Thats impossible even the person that hates liers lies…. A lot

Ivan Stepanović

A rule worth only if two people obey it, otherwise useless :/

Ian Fernando

That’s one thing will ruin a good relationship be trustworthy and faithful to the one you love

Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

Exception: “Honey, does my ass look fat in these jeans?” No dear you look lovely AND skinny.”
Best answer and you get big points and big smile.

AliasBre Coplen

True. Kill me with the truth, I shall die in peace.

Jo Tocher

If someone cheats on you with another surely their new relationship is based on lies so will not last once a liar always a liar!!

Douglas A. Montanez

That one of many thing you need to do. But if she/he loses interest in you and you did everything you believe within your power to keep that passion going. Then there is nothing wrong with you and nothing you could have done. They were not the one that was mean to be. All you can do is just hope that the next is the one that fit in to your piece of the puzzle of life.

Stephanie Grabreck

Apparently some people lie as a living and lifestyle to uave long term relationships just a different kind but they may or may not like you and habitually get stuck in the habbit of it even when you’re trying to have a real connection or want one.

Shawn Collins

Never lie is all Good and fine for me because I don’t lie.. but good luck finding a woman with the same values.. they are far and few between.

Liz Tosch

Agreed. Except at Christmas or planning special somethings for your SO. Those are the only times you should lie. To bring joy and happiness to your loved one. You have to lie to surprise someone with a gift or trip just to see the smile it brings.

Verg Aziah

there are always some lies in a relationship..it maybe to avoid argument…not hurt..so to keep the relationship..because humans are not perfect…i’ve seen many couples growing old like that..it’s normal..just be matured.

Natasja Gierdharie

For some people there also seems to be a huge difference in not telling anything, basically hiding the truth, and actually lying.. ?

Jerry Giametta

Never lie true but don’t be too transparent either that get you into just as much trouble. There are just some things that have no bearing on your relationship with someone that they don’t need to know about

Bambi Worden

At the top of my list. Taught this to my 3 boys at an early age! Tell me the truth the first time because if I find out later that you lied to me, it’s going to be a lot worse!

Uma Iyer

True, but I always feel he is lieing to me always..but I really don’t know how to find out the truth..at times god shows me his truth…it hurts on knowg the truth…

Maria Czarina

Never lie and cheat ! It just fucks the other person up mentally and emotionally .?