Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kasey Hamilton

Can you make a piece of paper smooth again after it’s been crumpled?

Elijah Campbell

Nope!!! Once a cheater always a cheater!!! Once you break that line of trust it can never be given back!!! And to me trust is everything

Vivaca Rae Dambrell

If two people put in real effort
Not a…ok It’s cool 😎 now
Let stop doing what I did to get them back
U gotta be consistent because that shows reliability
That person u hurt deserves as much patience as they have given you to get right/ or come back
Anything is possible as long as their is real love and effort

Shekeem Hairston

No…u have to start over and the trust doesn’t ever come back unless u work extra hard and it’s still in the back of the other persons mind

Melissa Canales

No why be with someone that disrespected you in that way….. there is no excuse….. why do people who have never cheated stay away from cheating? Because they have morals and respect….. so think about that.

Hynie Rose

Everyone deserves a second chance. You can forgive. You can trust again…in a way,somehow. But it’ll never go back to the way it used to be…no matter how hard you try,..then you’ll get sad and tired…it is so frustrating.

Jd Jason Belisle

Absolutely not. If they really love you that much, they would never ever do that to you because you are suppose to be there everything. If your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife cheats on you, they clearly do not love you, because they went behind your back and had an interest in someone else instead of you.

Westley Nau

No it’ll never be the same, a piece of flat paper when folded can never truly be flat again but with alot of work and effort from both hands you can watch a flat piece of paper become a swan or a crane, which is better than flat paper ever could’ve been… so no it can’t be the same but depending on how you handle the situation it could be better….

Katherine de la Cruz

Nope, I tried. Thinking about what he did ate me up inside every single day until he said he couldn’t keep feeling like he had to prove himself to me and left.

Danielle Smith

A broken heart is like a broken glass, it’s better to leave it broke than to hurt yourself trying to put the pieces back together again.

Tiffany Marie Kuhr

I think its all situational. did they cheat emotionally? physically? did they try talking to you about what was missing in the relationship before the cheating took place? cheating is not acceptable, but I do think that with the proper tools/professional help, relationships can always mend if there is true love there.

Mimi Macarasig

Yes. Bcoz nobody’s perfect. If you love the person and you know he still loves you too you can work it out. Both of you. But if you’re the only one fighting, leave. Know your worth

Jason K Leck

Exactly, no. But can it be reconciled; Possibly. That’s why we have that word, reconciliation. Anything is possible if two people, a couple are willing to work at it. “In sickness and health, through good times AND BAD, till death do us part…” #separationsucks but #Divorceisworse

Linda Weatherly

The irony of this whole thing is that even if you do forgive and try to move forward, your cheating partner projects their own wrong behavior onto you by accusing you of cheating/ flirting/ hiding things, etc… when you’ve done nothing wrong.

J.r. Migone

Nope. My ex wife cheated on me when I was in Iraq and I stuck it out for 6 years after and it was the worst decision ever. I should have left and never looked back because I could never forgive her and those 6 years were awful.

Morgan Johnson

No once a cheater always a cheater. Once trust is violated it’s never the same and all you will do when you’re back with that person is compare and contrast yourself to the one they cheated on you with. It’s nothing but self destructive. If a partner is a decent human being than cheating should never happen in the first place.

Carla Oliveira Dos Reis

It’s up to u and ur partner…how much are u willin’ to do or give to make amends, to forgive, to try again? Can this relationship be a brand new thing again…? Yep, again, it’s up to u and ur mate… 😉

Mansi Mishra

Cheating is a choice. Not everything that happens is a mistake. If you think about it, when you make a mistake, you do so unknowingly. You realise it later that what you did was actually a mistake on your part. But when someone cheats, they do it knowingly, simultaneously trying to cover it up & not get caught. So if someone is cheating on you, they are very well aware of their actions. Just not aware of its consequences and effect on the other person. Also a small knot is enough to break the smoothness of a thread. So you… Read more »

Valentin Vali

Nope! You only have one chance with every single person. Once you screw that up(or the person does) you could say it’s over, no matter how much you’ll try to make it “like it was before”.

Yenny Heru

it depends on how you handle them. everyone deserves a second chance to clean up their mistakes. if you love them, forgive them although the feeling is not the same like before. but if they love you, they will change theirselves for you. the decision is in your hands, not others. communication and openness are the key in any relationship

Rosie Griego

No I gave him 2 chances but I told him do it again I am done. Should have been done the first time my husband cheated but I believe in marriage and I wanted it to work, but once a cheater always one especially when they are older. Some do change.

Barbara Fly Manley

Why would you want it to go back to the way it was?? Obviously there were serious issues or the cheating wouldn’t have happened.
Relationship may be salvageable but it would take A LOT of work. And most people aren’t willing to do that work.

Philip David Chin

Can you fix a broken glass without seeing its cracks? It will never be the same, trust is very hard to get. So once a person trusts you, treat that as a treasure, because once its broken. You won’t have the same trust anymore…

Wendy Mayo

Things will never be the same. There should be no reason to cheat, if your not happy…LEAVE. Dont make up stupid ass reasons or blame your partner for your decision to cheat. For 1 makes you look like an ass, and for 2- you ARE an ass for making your partner feel worthless and not good enough… Trust is broken and after that there is nothing left. I can do bad all by my damn self…dont need someone to bring me down further. I am WORTH IT….and one day he will find me, and show me just how worthy i… Read more »

Mike Smith

Depends on the hearts and the devotion to each other. Trust can be so hard to earn, seven years might not be enough. But the other person shouldn’t have to remind the other constantly. If two people have a forgiving nature and understand mistakes happen, I believe they can actually grow from it together. The idea of once a cheater always a cheater suggests that people in general are incapable of changing ever for any reason under any circumstance, and every person must be identified by the one single worst mistake in their entire lifetime for the remainder of their… Read more »