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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Patricia Jusbcuzican Garcia

Everytime I see this I really want to scream. Itd be nice if this were true but if you know anything about heaven and hell you also know that the devil was once an angel. He was god’s favorite, he fell. So a “fallen” angel not only lives in hell but runs that shit. Wise up people.

Crystal Johnson

Lucifer is not considered an angel anymore. Once fallen from heaven he was no longer an angel. This post makes perfect since.

Jeff Lucas

I think women do whatever in the hell they want. You create a heaven for them and they end up treating you like shit and leaving you anyways lol

Adam Greer

Let’s first learn how to treat one another like human beings before we elevate ourselves as kings and queens. They only thing you deserve is a basic level of dignity, respect and empathy. Everything else is earned, even time itself

Kevin Abraham

I laugh every time I see this one because it’s as bad as saying, “If you want a prince, you’d better be a beautiful princess” Just as absurd!

Touchchan Ratha

I think her heaven is her life goal. That is why I’m now trying to complete it for her, but really not sure she will accept it or not.

Blessings Billy Banda

No sense!males are the right ones to be called angels since from the begning no book proves a female creature as an angel,they are just supperspecial for males n they really deserves some respect

Dai Nguyen

Then that woman can fuck off. A real woman would stick to the man even if she have to go through hell to stay with him. Tired of those fake bitches.

Nathanael Garcia

And a go both ways.. real recognize real Nd respect one Nd be loyal to a real one.. I say why lie or pretend when the truth always come out..

Yahnathan Senzu

Angels are both good and evil Angels are tormented in the lake of fire “damnation” yahshua the Messiah being the holy spirit is the only one in the true kingdom of Yahweh “heaven”.

Mainak Chakraborty

Angels r regarded to reform hell in heaven. A angel who needs heaven to live is not an angel. Oppurtunist is the best term for them.

Vickie Moss

It works both ways. It’s not a one sided relationship. The two need to work together to make a relationship.

Brad Hoffman

It goes both ways. A man can treat a woman like an angel, but she can still be a demon in the relationship, as can the opposite. It’s difficult to find someone who will give you what you give them. That’s the real problem. Life is nothing but trials and tribulations and finding the one person willing to help you through those problems with no qualms is what everyone is looking for in some way. Isn’t that supposed to be the basic fundamental principle of love? Doing anything and everything it takes for someone when they reciprocate the same for… Read more »

Liny Dee

I feel like the angel who created her heaven but hell was too strong and it swallowed my whole world until I felt nothing but ashes….. Been a while since I was inspired enough to get poetic again 🙁

Jx Russel

Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of yall wont bother to read and it’ll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe I’ll be criticized for this but i just want to let yall know I’m selling potatoes.

Mark Kahle

This is complete bs……if you expect your man to give you heaven before becoming his angel, you are expecting far too much…as he was never expecting you to become his angel…..you can bet on that one.

Ron Thomas

If a woman wants to be treated like an angel, then she needs to not be someone who lies like the devil and causes hell in her relationship. A little trust along with honesty goes a long way to creating heaven on earth.

Dipu Moni

The tow person need to work together to make relationship.than make heaven.so we should respect our partner….

David Bewley

Happiness comes from within doesn’t matter what a person does to make another happy. So it should say we should enhance each others life and both take responsibility for the road that is taken.?

Samantha Mancini

My ex wouldn’t be able to comprehend this because he needed someone to bend to his whim. Not my problem anymore, some other sucker believes his lies now ….

Michael Cochrane

I may get razzed for this but:

If a woman wants a man to build heaven for her
she shouldn’t make him walk through hell to do it…..

I have a meme but can’t post it here 🙁

Angel Chavez

angelic shouldn’t be an expectation its a fantasy, and asking anyone to create heaven for anyone else is absolutely ridiculous because you can’t control how people choose to view either circumstance or life in general… This one is a debunked myth all together.??

Lena Martin

It takes both to make it work, hell or heaven, your choice. Constant hell, leave, heaven your blessed. As for a real hell or heaven, don’t believe in that crap, has anyone come back & told you they truely exist, No, so Patricia Garcia grow up Haha.

Natalie Parsons

From reading come ts: so men are the Angels but some turn into little devils? we would like heaven on earth but some of us go through hell; We have people helping those going thru hell who deserve respect?

Hank N Nicole Green

I think you are setting the bar a little high there Rhonda….how about just make him a drink and let him relax for a minute before he has to go about all this creating stuff